This is a list of the Presidents of Mina who served in the office since the 4777 general elections.

The list provides for each President his name, the party to which he belonged, the parties which supported him, if he was the candidate of a parties coalition or electoral alliance, years and/or months in office, term length, the Government Cabinets which served under his office (called after the Prime Minister of Mina who led the Cabinet) and his status towards the Cabinet. The status, in fact, shows if a President had a majority in the National Legislature.

President Party Electoral Support Coalition Years of Office Term leght Cabinet Status
Azim Hamid.jpg
Azim Hamid (4740-)
Republican National Congress
Samad Cabinet Leadership

Died in office

Records:[edit | edit source]

  • Longest sitting Presidents: Oscar Lepera
  • Shortest sitting President: Rania Samara
  • Presidents who remained most years in office:
  • Presidents who won most elections:
  • President with the most Prime Ministers appointed:
  • President with the most Cabinets appointed: 
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