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This is a list of the Primes Ministers of the Istalian Empire who served in the office since the monarchical restoration and establishment of the Third Empire in 5103.

The list provides for each Head of Government his name, his political party, the coalition to which he belonged and of which he was expression (if any), the Governments he led, years and/or months in office, term lenght, the status, and finally the Monarch under he served.

Status describes, also through colors, if the government was:

  •       a majority single-party government
  •       a majority coalition government
  •       a minority government
  •       a Grand Coalition Government
  •       a National Unity Government
  •       a Caretaker Government
Prime Minister Party Coalition Cabinet Term of Office Tenure Status Emperor of the Istalians
Michele Corlione

Michele Corlione old.jpg
Blu Flame - Istalian Alliance None Corlione I* 5103-5106 2 years and 9 months Coalition Government
Nicola Alessandro I

Nicola Alessandro I of Istalia.jpg

Ferdinando Rumor

Ferdinando Rumor.jpg
Hosian Democracy None Rumor I 5106-5110 3 years and 9 months Majority Government
Zeno Solenghi

Zeno Solenghi.jpg
National Alliance None Solenghi I 5110-5115 4 years and 11 months Majority Government
None Solenghi II 5115-5118 3 years and 1 month Majority Government
Sara Esposito

Sara Esposito.jpg
Hosian Democracy None Esposito I 5118-5122 4 years Majority Government
Zeno Solenghi

Zeno Solenghi.jpg
National Alliance None Solenghi III 5122-5125 3 years and 6 months Majority Government
5125-5126 5 months Caretaker Government**
Vanessa Giugni

Vanessa Giugni.png
National Alliance None Giugni I 5126-5130 4 years and 6 months Majority Government
Sara Esposito

Sara Esposito.jpg
Hosian Democracy None Esposito II 5130-5138 7 years and 6 months Majority Government
None Esposito III 5138-present Majority Government
Michele III

Michele III of Istalia.jpeg

The Prime Minister died or is incapacitated.
* This was the last government of the Istalian Union of Quanzar and Alaria, the fifth government led by Michele Corlione which carried out the Imperial restoration.
** Lost confidence of his majority; asked to keep his office until the next elections.


  • Longest sitting cabinet: Esposito II (7 years and 6 months)
  • Shortest sitting cabinet: Corlione I (2 years and 9 months)
  • Longest sitting Prime Minister (*): Zeno Solenghi (11 years and 11 months)
  • Shortest sitting Prime Minister: Michele Corlione (2 years and 9 months)
  • Prime Minister who led the most Cabinets: Zeno Solenghi (3), Sara Esposito (3)

(*) It is cumulative of all the years/months in office, also if not in a row.

Prime Ministers of the First Istalian Empire[]

Timeline from 5103[]

Sara EspositoVanessa GiugniZeno SolenghiSara EspositoZeno SolenghiFerdinando RumorMichele Corlione
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