Particracy Wiki

Below is a list of countries organised alphabetically. The list includes all self-governing sovereign states across the globe.


Common name (native) Formal name (native) Notes
Flag of Aldegar.png Aldegar Republic of Aldegar
Flag of Alduria.png Alduria Empire of Alduria
Flag of Aloria.png Aloria Kingdom of Aloria
Flag of Badara.png Badara Socialist Republic of Badara
Flag of Baltusia.png Baltusia United States of Baltusia
Flag of Barmenistan.png Barmenistan New State of Barmenia
Flag of Bazgaristan.png Bazgaristan Democratic Republic of Bazgaristan
Flag of Beiteynu.png Beiteynu State of Beiteynu
Flag of Beluzia.png Beluzia Republic of Beluzia
Flag of Bianjie.png Bianjie Democratic People's Republic of Bianjie
Flag of Cildania.png Cildania Republic of Cildania
Flag of Cobura.png Cobura United Kingdom of Cobura
Flag of Dalibor.png Dalibor Socialist Union of Dalibor
UCCRFlag.png Dankuk Union of Communist Councilist Republics
Flag of Davostan.png Davostan Union of Davostan and Kivonia
Flag of Deltaria.png Deltaria Great Empire of Deltaria
Flag of Dolgava.png Dolgava Kingdom of Dolgava
Flag of Dorvik.png Dorvik Kingdom of Dorvik
Flag of Dundorf.png Dundorf Dundorfian Reich
Flag of the Kingdom of Egelion.svg Egelion Kingdom of Egelion
Flag of Endralon.png Endralon Directorial Republic of Endralon
Flag of Gaduridos.png Gaduridos Federal Union of Gaduridos
Flag of Hanzen.png Hanzen Kingdom of Hanzen
Flag of Hobrazia.png Hobrazia Hobrazian Empire of Empires
Flag of Hulstria and Gao-Soto.png Hulstria and Gao-Soto Greater Hulstrian Reich
Flag of Hutori.png Hutori Commonwealth of Hutori
Flag of Ikradon.png Ikradon Commonwealth of Hawu-Ikradon
Flag of Istapali.png Istapali Federal Republic of Istapali
Flag of Jakania.png Jakania Republic of Jakania
Flag of Jelbania.png Jelbania Khaganate of the Jelbic Peoples - Jelbék Khanate
Flag of Kafuristan.png Kafuristan Majatran Republic of Kafuristan
Flag of Kalistan.png Kalistan Republic of Kalistan
Flag of Kalopia.png Kalopia Kalopian Republic
Flag of Kanjor.png Kanjor Federal Republic of Kanjor
Flag of Kazulia.png Kazulia Kingdom of Kazulia
Flag of Keymon.png Keymon Mad Dog Empire
Flag of Kimlien.png Kimlien State of Kimlien
Flag of Kirlawa.png Kirlawa Federal Republic of Kirlawa
Flag of Kizenia and New Endralon.png Kizenia and New Endralon Democratic Republic of Kizenia and New Endralon
Flag of Kundrati.png Kundrati Socialist Republic of Kundrati
Flag of Kurageri.png Kurageri Republic of Kurageri
ROL Flag.jpg Likatonia Republic of Likatonia
Flag of Liore.png Liore Socialist State of Liore
Flag of Lodamun.png Lodamun 4th Great Democratic Republic of Lodamun
Flag of Lourenne.png Lourenne United Kingdom of Lourenne
Flag of Luthori.png Luthori Holy Luthorian Empire
MaliviaREP.png Malivia Maliviya Prajaataantrik Ganatantr/Malivian Democratic Republic (Malivia)
Flag of Medina.png Medina Zahiri Republic of Medina
Flag of Midway.png Midway Midway Republic
Flag of Mina.png Mina Republic of Mina
Flag of Mordusia.png Mordusia United Republic of Mordusia
Flag of Narikaton and Darnussia.png Narikaton and Darnussia People's Kingdom of Narikaton and Darnussia
Flag of New Alduria.png New Alduria Republic of New Alduria
Flag of New Englia.png New Englia Constitutional Republic of New Englia
Flag of New Verham.png New Verham Republic of New Verham
Flag of North Dovani.png North Dovani Commonwealth of Northern Dovani
Flag of Noumonde.png Noumonde Federal Kingdom of Noumonde
Flag of Ntoto.png Ntoto Democratic Republic of Ntoto
Flag of Ostland.png Ostland Grand Duchy of Ostland
Flag of Pontesi.png Pontesi Serene Republic of Pontesi
Flag of Rapa Pile.png Rapa Pile Golden Republic of Rapa Pile
Quanzar and Alaria flag.png Quanzar and Alaria Union of Quanzar and Alaria
Flag of Rildanor.png Rildanor United Kingdom of Rildanor
Flag of Rutania.png Rutania Commonwealth of Rutania
Flag of Saridan.png Saridan Republic of Saridano
Flag of Seko.png Seko Seko
Flag of Selucia.png Selucia Republic of Selucia
Flag of Solentia.png Solentia Republic of Solentia
Flag of Statrica.png Statrica Statrica
Flag of Suyu Llaqta.png Suyu Llaqta Federation of Suyu Llaqta
Flag of Talmoria.png Talmoria Talmorian Republic
Flag of Telamon.png Telamon Republic of Telamon
Flag of Temania.png Temania Confederation of Temania
Flag of Trigunia.png Trigunia Trigunian Federated Free States
Flag of Tropica.png Tropica Federation of Tropica
Flag of Tukarali.png Tukarali Democratic Republic of Tukarali
Flag of Utari Mosir.png Utari Mosir Republic of Utari Mosir
Flag of Utembo.png Utembo Kingdom of Utembo
Flag of Valruzia.png Valruzia Republic of Valruzia
Flag of Vanuku.png Vanuku Khaganate of the Jelbic Peoples - Kingdom of Vanuku
Flag of Vascania.png Vascania Vascanian Empire
Flag of Vorona.png Vorona State of Vorona
Flag of Yingdala.png Yingdala Empire of Yingdala
Flag of Zardugal.png Zardugal Augustan Empire