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Green - Monarchy

Purple - Republic

Orange - Federal Republic

Red - Dictatorship Yellow - Semi-Presidential Republic Black - Anarchy Gray - Unclassified

This page contains a list of countries by their system of government. There is also a political mapping of the world that shows what form of government each country has, as well as a brief description of what each form of government entails. Clasification was made to separate countries according to the following scheme: republic - monarchy - dependent territory; unitary state - federal state; presidential - semi-presidential - parliamentary; unclassified.

System of Governance[]


The following nations have got a monarch/monarchy system:

Nation Continent Type
Cildania Majatra Constitutional
Endralon Artania Constitutional Parliamentary
Hawu Mumenhes Artania Democratic
Hulstria and Gao-Soto Dovani Imperial Democracy Kaisereich
Hutori Makon Unitary Constitutional Parliamentary
Indrala Dovani Constitutional Parliamentary
Istalia Majatra Constitutional Parliamentary
Jelbania Majatra Executive
Kafuristan Majatra Theocratic Caliphate
Kazulia Dovani Federal Parliamentary Constitutional
Klavia Okeano - imperialist Constitutional
Luthori Artania Unitary Constitutional Imperialist
Narikaton and Darnussia Artania Constitutional
Talmoria Dovani Constitutional
Trigunia Keris Constitutional
Zardugal (Augustan Empire) Majatra Federal Constitutional Monarchy


The following nations have got a Head of State (or a Parliamentary system) but not a Head of Government and monarch:

Nation Continent Type
Aldegar Seleya Parliamentary
Alduria Seleya Unitary
Aloria Artania Parliamentary
Baltusia Seleya Presidential
Beiteynu Majatra Unitary
Beluzia Artania Presidential
Cobura Majatra Constitutional
Dolgava Keris Parliamentary
Dorvik Artania Parliamentary
Egelion Keris Parliamentary
Hobrazia Artania Parliamentary
Jakania Majatra Parliamentary
Kalistan Seleya Unitary Parliamentary
Kalopia Majatra Presidential
Kirlawa Artania Parliamentary
Kundrati Artania Parliamentary
Lodamun Seleya Parliamentary
New Endralon Keris Presidential Confederation
Pontesi Majatra "Crowned" Republic
Rildanor Seleya Parliamentary
Rutania Artania Parliamentary
Sekowo Dovani Parliamentary
Tukarali Seleya Parliamentary
Valruzia Seleya Unitary Presidential
Vanuku Majatra Presidential
Vorona Dovani Unitary Parliamentary

Federal Republic[]

The following nations have got a federal system and no monarchs:

Nation Continent Type
Barmenistan Majatra Presidential
Davostan Makon Presidential-Constitutional
Deltaria Majatra Semi-directorial
Dundorf Artania Presidential
Gaduridos Seleya Presidential
Kanjor Seleya Presidential
Likatonia Seleya Semi-Presidential
Lourenne Dovani Parliamentary
Malivia Artania Semi-Presidential
Mordusia Seleya Presidential
Selucia Majatra Demarchy
Solentia Majatra Representative Democracy
Telamon Makon Presidential


The following nations have got a dictator:

No nations under a dictatorship.

Semi-Presidential Republic[]

The following nations have got a Head of State and a Head of Government but not a monarch:

Nation Continent Type
Badara Majatra Unitary
Dankuk Dovani Unitary
Saridan Seleya Unitary


The following nations are living without any Government and authority, anarchy:

No nations under an anarchy. Check anarchism for a list of old anarchic regions.

     Green - Republic
     Blue - Monarchy
     Yellow - Dependent Territory

Republic - Monarchy - Depenent Terriroty[]

Currently on Terra, there are X countries with system of governance which can be classified as a republic, X with monarchy and X which are dependent territories and politicaly rely on another country.