Model Type Reference
Håndvåpen 89 Handgun Heckler & Koch USP
Håndvåpen 90 Handgun Glock 17
Submachine guns
SMG-7 Submachine gun Heckler & Koch MP7
SMG-5 Submachine gun Heckler & Koch MP5
AC-16 Assault Rifle Heckler & Koch HK416
AC-13 Assault Rifle Ak 5
AC-4 Assault Rifle Heckler & Koch G3
H8 Series Assault Rifle Colt Canada C8 carbine
Machine guns
Msg 25 Light machine gun FN Minimi
Msg 61 General-purpose machine gun Browning Machine Gun
Msg 60 Heavy machine gun FN MAG
Sniper Rifles
Snikskytterrifler 44 Sniper Rifle Accuracy International AWM
Snikskytterrifler 45 Designated Marksman Rifle Heckler & Koch HK417
Snikskytterrifler 41 Anti-materiel rifle Barrett M82
Støttesvapen 430 Shotgun Heckler & Koch FABARM FP6
Anti-tank weapons
Pansarkule m/57 Anti-tank rocket launcher FGM-148 Javelin
Gng m/58 Anti-tank rocket launcher Carl Gustav recoilless rifle
Pansarkule m/60 Anti-tank rocket launcher BGM-71 TOW

Vehicles Edit

Model Type Quantity References
Armoured Vehicles
Hovedkrigstanken 188 Main Battle Tank 400 Leopard 2A4
Hovedkrigstanken 144 Main Battle Tank 340 Leopard 2A6
Pansretkjøretøy 60 Infantry Fighting Vehicle 590 Combat Vehicle 90
Pansretkjøretøy 65 Armoured Personnel Carrier 870 M113 armored personnel carrier
Pansretkjøretøy 70 Armoured Personnel Carrier 409 Patria Pasi
Pansretkjøretøy 90 Armoured Personnel Carrier 155 Patria AMV
Pansretkjøretøy 88 Armoured Personnel Carrier 190 Mowag Piranha V
Sporetkjøretøy 76 Armoured Personnel Carrier 210 Bandvagn 308
Pansretbil MK/33 MRAP 403 RG-32 Scout
Pansretbil MK/34 MRAP 304 Iveco LMV
BTM Lynx 1/2 Infantry mobility vehicle  725 ATF Dingo
Artillery and Air Defence
Allmektigeneve 122 Multiple rocket launcher 45 M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System
Artillerisystem 48 Self-propelled artillery 210 M109 howitzer
Artillerisystem 56 Self-propelled artillery 180 ARCHER Artillery System
81 mm Mortars 81 mm Mortar 83 M252 mortar
Skjǫldr 1 Air-defence system 80 NASAMS
Skjǫldr 2 Air-defence system 60 NASAMS 2
Skjǫldr 3 Air-defence system 1 (experimental) Aster
Engineering vehicles
Ingeniørbil 2 Engineering vehicle 103 Bergepanzer 2
Bøffel MK/1 Armoured recovery vehicle 78 Bergepanzer BPz3 Büffel
Elefant MK/5 Armoured bridge layer 114 Panzerschnellbrücke 2
KDDS D6 Truck 2,450 RMMV HX range of tactical trucks
KDDS HV10 Truck 1,050 Scania AB
Militærbil utility vehicle 15,000 Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen
Militærbil utility vehicle 500 Land Rover Wolf

Aircraft Edit

Model Role Quantity References
HH-14 "Eagle" utility / trainer 100 Westland Lynx
HH-13 "Osprey" utility / trainer 400 Bell 412
Helikopter 45 utility / trainer 300 NH90
AV-70 "Eagle" attack helicopter 120 AH-64 Apache
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