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Loïc Paul Jauffret

Jauffret during his time as a lawyer in Kanjor

Secretary-General of the HRF
In office
May 4148 – October 4172
Preceded by

5th February 4111
La Gochelle, Oléri, Kanjor
Political party
Renewal Party of Kanjor (before 4139)
Alma Mater
University of Martois

Loïc Jauffret (5th February 4111 - 3rd October 4199) was a lawyer and diplomat from Kanjor who was the Secretary-General of the Human Rights Foundation between May 4148 and October 4172. Born in La Gochelle, Jauffret converted to Sahabism when he was nineteen years old. He spent nearly two and a half years as the leader of the HRF, overseeing a difficult period for the organisation when it attracted a great deal of criticism.

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