Lodamese Nationalism
Theistic philosophyState Atheism
Supreme divinity Lodamun
Holy City Fort Karav
Governance Lodamese State
PresidentBenjamin Landau
Vice PresidentDimitri Dewitte
Region Lodamun,
Lodamese diaspora
FounderEdwin Fertig
FoundedMay 11, 3515
Members100,000,000 (estimate)

Lodamese Nationalism is an ideology which has been declared as the "official state religion" of Lodamun untill 3759. Over time, the government has taken drastic measures to ensure that Lodamese citizens identify themselves as supporters of Lodamese Nationalism.

President Paul Spaak, who served as the last President of DR Lodamun (before GDR Lodamun was founded in January 3638), ordered all the MPs of a specific political party to be executed for opposing religious doctrine in a debate about a bill which sought to get rid of Lodamese Nationalism.

Social Libermuns Party accomplished to not only get rid of Nationalism as a religion, but achieved the prohibition of any religion at all in Lodamun.

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