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Longham I Cabinet
Flag of Luthori.png
cabinet of Luthori
Eva Longham
Eva Longham, prime minister
Date formed2 June 5005
Date dissolved18 October 5010
People and organisations
Head of governmentEva Longham
Deputy head of governmentJonathan Courts
Member partiesLP, DS + Bloc (confidence & supply)
Status in legislatureMinority government
Opposition partiesLSP, SDP, WR
Opposition leaderEghard Adderley
Election(s)April 5005, August 5005, 5008
PredecessorAdderley I Cabinet
SuccessorLongham II Cabinet

The Longham I cabinet was a cabinet consisting of the Liberal Party and Democratic Society. It received the supply and confidence of the Bloc.


After the 5005 election[]

167 / 300

After the August 5005 election[]

150 / 300

After the 5008 election[]

173 / 300

After the 5008 election[]

122 / 300

Laws passed[]

April 5006:

Women have no place in the military.

June 5006:

Local governments decide about whaling.

Malpractice regulations are left to the locality of the practicing doctor.

October 5006:

Local governments decide upon the funding policy.

Housing policy is to be determined by local governments.

Local governments decide on housing rent regulation.

April 5007:

The government does not intervene in the market nor provide any form of subsidies/relief to industries.

All banks are privately owned.

Segregation policy is set by local governments.

ocal government decide the legality of public executions.

Education is a matter of local governments.

October 5007:

Conscientious objectors can be exempted from combatant roles, but not from non-combatant roles.

Homosexuality is allowed in the military.

All forms of physical punishment are illegal.

Schools have an obligation to give sexual education at some point in puberty, but individual students have an opt-out option.

Killing animals is legal but regulated.

November 5007:

The police may arrest crime suspects.

Child labour is forbidden.

Cannabis is legal as a sedative for patients in pain.

Killing animals is legal but regulated.

Women serve alongside men.

February 5008:

Citizenship is gained by passing a qualifying exam.

Divorces are legal, be it mutual consent, grounded cause or if one partner wants it.

Slavery and the slave trade are illegal.

March 5009:

Executions are always carried out in public and/or broadcast on television.

It is a criminal offence to refuse to perform military service.

Homosexuality is not tolerated in the military. The military actively seeks to remove homosexuals from it.

Candidates must be of a certain race/religion to have any place in the military.

Surrendering enemy combatants are summarily executed.

Women have no place in the military

April 5009:

Government permission is required for multiple citizenship.

Citizens elect their mayor directly in a local election.

A civilian police force is in place and the military may be called in to help in serious emergencies.

The police patrol public property at all times.

Children are never made to sing the national anthem.

Individuals are allowed to change their legal gender identity, but if they are married, their married partner must consent.

Sex reassignment surgery is legal but regulated.

Health care is private, but the government subsidises the cost of it for all citizens.

May 5009:

Government employees are selected and appointed in a political way.

The Government requires all secondary school students to receive a political education that is biased towards the government.


Position Minister Party
Office of the Prime Minister Eva Longham LP
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Ernie Jones DP
Deputy Prime Minister Jonathan Courts LP
Chancellor of the Exchequer Jane Largan LP
Secretary of State for Defence Anabelle Harvey DP
Chancellor of Justice Martina Dressler DP
Secretary of State for the Home Department Rob Holmes LP
Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Henry Markington DP
Secretary of State for Education Gideon Savidge DP
Secretary of State for Digital, Science and Technology Alex McDonald LP
Secretary of State for Food and Rural Affairs Ranel McNeil LP
Secretary of State for the Environment and Tourism Julian Edwards LP
Secretary of State for International Trade and Industry Jodie Hamm DP