Lourenne Democratic Party
Leader Abigail Ashton-McNally
Founded February 3rd, 2463
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Headquarters Arlington House, Valois, New Kreshar
Nation Lourenne
Ideology Social Equality, Liberalism,
Political Position Centre-Left
International Affiliations Western Dovani Cooperation Accord
International Human Rights Movement, Fair Trade Union
Colours 56A5EC
Website n/a

The Lourenne Democratic Party, or the Democrats, are a liberal, pro-democracy party in the Free Republic of Lourenne.

As of September 2481, the Democrats are one of the oldest active parties in Lourenne.

There have been four Democratic Prime Ministers and three Democrat presidents. The Democrats are also participating members in the UNC.

History Edit

The Democratic Party was formed in February 2463. It is a party that is not an advocate of the socialist efforts of past governments, it is a party that is not about to jump on a hazy libertarian bandwagon. It is a party dedicated to pure, solid, old fashioned democracy. We will take liberal views on different issues. For instance, we do not believe in laissez-faire politics and capitalism. We believe instead that citizens are entitled to welfare if unemployed. Our policies mainly have a more Keynesian approach to macroeconomics. We have understandably liberal views on gay rights, abortion, energy, drugs and substance abuse. We also have a moderate unitarian view of government.

Since they were founded, the Democrats have had many cabinet officials elected by the Senate. The first Democratic Prime Minister to be elected was Ayma Mendes and the first Democratic President was Thomas McNamara.

The Democrats located to Arlington House in 2363, around the time of their founding. This house and it's surrounding roads are closed to the public, but government officials and the Secret Service maintain thoroughfare.

Party Leadership Edit

  • Richard Cleary (DNC Chair)

Members of the SenateEdit

The Democrats have 125 seats in the Senate.

Notable SenatorsEdit

Alyssa Ashton-McNally (D-HA), Shauna Marnaly (D-AL), Thomas J. Whitmore (D-KR), Eric Ballentine (D-KR), Bill Bradbury (D-HA), Meribeth Cherry (D-NK), Robert E. Ballard (D-KU), Georgia Hardin (D-AL), James Stackhouse (D-NK)

Notable Former DemocratsEdit

Hannah C. Brown
Donnatella Myers Kennedy
Matthew Paulson
Jack Berryhill
Abigail Ashton-McNally
James A. Libby
William A. Marcy
David Mirabeau Anderson
Al Lieberman
Robert Bayer
Jessica Chenoweth Hayes
Tipper Barkley
Michael J. Canden
John Danzelman
Kim Menzel
Lucia Mendes
John Mackenzie
Ayma Mendes
Michaëlle Belleau
Daiana Campeanu
Arthur C. Winters
Holly Penderson
Sam Holland
Lucia Mendes
Robert Madison
John Danzelman
Oliver M. Keaton
Angelina Rice
Lucié Ormancey
Blair Brown
Andrew Warren Shepherd, (2404 - 2470), Prime Minister candidate.
James Tochenbach, (2499 - 2476), Science and Tech Minister candidate.
Adrienne Myers (2440 - 2487), 7th Prime Minister of Lourenne.
Albert Montague (2412 - 2498), Vice-Presidential nominee
Theodore Melàs (2406 - 2504), Presidential nominee

Presidential Election ProgressEdit

Year Presidential Candidate Running Mate Popular Vote Outcome
2466 Oliver Marlee Keaton Michael John Canden 26,270 Lost
2470 Oliver Marlee Keaton Theodore Washington Melàs 3,637,219 Lost
2473 Theodore Washington Melàs Albert Harrison Montague 6,006,569 Lost
2476 Maria Elizabeth Hutchinson Albert Harrison Montague 7,086,153 Lost
2479 Maria Elizabeth Hutchinson Albert Elland Lieberman 7,108,573 Lost
2481 Thomas John McNamara Howard Talmidge Dahl 23,576,490 Won
2484 Thomas John McNamara Howard Talmidge Dahl 17,228,130 Won
2487 Arthur Coleman Winters Matthew William Paulson 6,061,991 Lost
2488 Lucié Carine Ormancey Anna Marie Bern 21,458,681 Won
2491 Lucié Carine Ormancey Anna Marie Bern 5,603,281 Lost
2494 Lucié Carine Ormancey James Abraham Libby, Jr. 17,079,790 Won
2496 James Abraham Libby, Jr. Michael John Canden 7,744,104 Lost
2498 Matthew William Paulson Ayma Melean Mendes 6,900,886 Lost
2501 James Abraham Libby, Jr. Jessica Chenoweth Hayes 5,989,111 Lost
2504 David Mirabeau Anderson William Alexander Marcy 7,312,614 Lost
2507 Elizabeth Rebecca Barkley Abigail Samantha Ashton-McNally 8,562,633 Lost
2510 John Dakota Mackenzie Lucia Georgine Mendes 8,524,677 Lost
2513 John Dakota Mackenzie Hannah Caitlin Brown 8,954,651 Lost
2516 Donnatella Aurélie Myers Kennedy Robert Eapeau Madison 7,922,311 Lost
2639 Robert DeWire Strickland Mirabelle Eva Caine 24,187,730 Won
2642 Robert DeWire Strickland Shauna Amaline Marnaly 34,386,929 Won

The Democrats
Oliver M. Keaton, History
Democratic Presidents
Thomas McNamara, Lucié Ormancey-Wyndhaven, Robert D. W. Strickland, Shauna Marnaly
Other Notable Members
Ayma Mendes, Adrienne Myers, Abigail Ashton-McNally, Jessica Chenoweth Hayes, Jack Berryhill
See Also
United Nations Coalition, Lourenne, Old Guard Party, Arlington House

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