Czár Všetkých Deltársk Lubomír I Lineykov-Karlsen was the Monarch of Deltaria from December 2592 to September 2610. Lubomir is of the Lineykov line through birth, descending from the marriage of a grandaughter of Katrina Leneykov with Doron Akigan, a respected businessman. His rise was controversial as the Kennedy clan had hoped to stop his coronation in favor of Steven P. Kennedy V who is now the Emperor of Jelbania. He was dethroned by communist revolution in 2610 and was imprisoned in a maximum security prison, the location of which is unknown.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Czar was openly hostile to Jelbania in the early 2600's concerning Lake Majatra. During his reign many Jelbanian citizens were enslaved and toxic wastes were poured into the lake in retaliation for Jelbanian assistance. The Czar also gave safe haven to RAFC militants from Cobura, despite Jelbanian listing them as a terrorist organization. Finally, the Jelbanian Monarch Steven P. Kennedy V ordered air strikes on Deltarian cities and suspected RAFC bases. Some believe that the reason for the attack was due to the Kennedy's treatment by Deltaria in the late 2580s. The attack provoked outrage by the International Monarchist League and Jelbania soon sued for peace.

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