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Reino da Lusitânia/República da Lusitânia

Flag of the Reino da Lusitânia

Flag of the República da Lusitânia

Motto:"O teu braço vencedor deu novos mundos ao Mundo!"
Anthem:Os Lusíadas

Map of Lusitânia

Area 913,200 km²
Alkavon Clenon Narikaton Nihaton Kozaria
Government Type Kingdom/Republic
Rei da Lusitânia / Presidente da República da Lusitânia Various
Head of State Party Various
Language Portuguese
Capital Merenbürg
Largest City Ghacrow
Population 86.7 million.
Density 94.96 people / km²
Founded 2256
Currency Darnussian Rupan
Currency Abbreviation DAR
Sport Soccer
Animal Lusitanian Horse
Nation ID Number:13

Lusitânia was a nation that existed between April 2256 and December 2317 within the borders of modern day Darnussia, and it was ruled by the minority-people known as Lusitânians. Following a military coup under the control of the Partido Democrata-Cristão the minority Lusitânian population of the nation were able to overthrow the government and form the Reino da Lusitânia (Kingdom of Lusitânia).

The Kingdom lasted until June 2276 when democratic forces within the Lusitânian governing coalition were able to overthrow the King and found the República da Lusitânia (Republic of Lusitânia). Despite this they still faced the issue of the increasing angry and marginalised Darnussian population and so restrictive clampdowns on civil rights remained a necessity.

In 2317, amid increasingly violent political chaos, largely sponsored by Deltaria. Deltarian military forces invaded in the name of Czár Sebastian I and formed the Deltarian Protectorate of Darnussia. Although such military force was not wholly popular the Deltarian troops where met with less resistance (except in primarily Lusitânian ethnic areas) than when they had invaded Kafuristan a few years before. Some observers put this down to the Darnussians intense hatred of the governing Lusitânians and their joy at seeing them unseated from power.

Notable Political Parties[edit | edit source]

(Dates refer to the first and last elections contested)

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