Luthoran Church of Hulstria

Luthorische Kirche in Hulsterreich

Theistic Philosophy Monotheistic
Deity God and Eliyahu, the Spirit of God
Messiah Eliyahu
Founder Martyn Luthor
Supreme Governor His Imperial and Most Illustrous Luthoran Majesty, the Emperor of Hulstria
Primate Archbishop Hosianus von Grabengau
Headquarters Kien, Hulstria
Status State religion of the Empire of Hulstria
Membership to be estimated
Funding to be estimated

The Luthoran Church of Hulstria (Hulstrian: Luthorische Kirche in Hulsterreich), also known as the Luthoran Church of Gao-Soto in the Empire of Gao-Soto, and commonly referred to as simply the Hulstrian Church, is the major Hosian denomination in Hulstria and Gao-Soto and the state religion of the Empire of Hulstria. Spread to the Hulstrian Colonies by Luthori settles, the Luthoran Church of Hulstria is a independent confessional Hosian church, but like the Holy Luthori Church, in which it has its roots it has several high-church elements that allow for a double classification as a Bishopal Church.

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