Luthori First
LeaderJack Pierson
ChairmanJonathan Manning
SecretarySimeon Crawl
Vice ChairmanOpie Manning
Preceded byThe New Luthori First
Succeeded byThe Purple Guard
NewspaperFirst News
Student wingNationalist Students
Youth wingLuthori Youth Association
IdeologyUltranationalism, Authoritarianism, Conservatism, Fundamentalism, Liberalism,Right-Wing Populism, Anti-Communism
Political positionFar-Right
ReligionHoly Luthori Church
ColorsPurple and Black
SloganLuthori For Luthorians!
Seats in the Imperial Diet
142 / 650
Duchies won
2 / 5
Luthori First (currently known as The Purple Guard) is a political party based in Luthori. Although the party was disbanded in October 4586, it was brought back by Zack Pierson in September 4681 and renamed the New Luthori First. The party was dissolved again in the 4690s however it has been revived once more in February 4746 by Daniel Pierson, son of Zack. Since the reformation, the party has been re-branded and "returned to its radical origins".

Founding Edit

Dexter Wright originally founded the party because he feared that immigrants would take away the culture and rights of Native Luthorians, but has since set up more goals for the party

History Edit

After the party's founding it gained almost immediately a lot of votes. In the first even election LF participated in, they already got the vote of 4.5% of the people. Within 15 years they had already reached almost 15% of the vote.

Rise of LF (4560-4586) Edit

4573 is the year people consider Luthori First starting to properly gain traction and power. It was the year, The Holy Luthorian Empire was turned from an monarchy to a presidential republic and Luthori First won the elections and Liam Reedes got the position of the president

4578 is when Luthori First first made it into government getting 40% of the vote, a whole 25% more than in the last elections. The government consisted of Luthori First and Patriots Party. They passed a lot of controversial bills with support from White Rose, most notoriously they were known to, ban refugees and missionaries from entering the country and making racial segregation legal and even forced on government buildings

In 4583 LF lost a lot of votes, dropping from 40% to just 20%. They had a hard time staying in government because of this and a cabinet didn't form until 4584. It Consisted of LF, PP, WR, NPL, NRIR, it was called The 5-Party Coalition. LF stayed in power with this cabinet until some internal issues came up and the party dissolved.

The New Luthori First (4681-4691) Edit

Zack Pierson refounded the party LF in September 4681 under the name of The New Luthori First (TNLF). The goal was to resurrect the party, but with less radical views since LF was viewed as a fascist and a racist party along with other things. This didn't really work though as people remembered the LF in the 4500s when they hear the name "Luthori First".

  The Luthorians have surely heard about the day when LF went to power and do not want to repeat this experience. Horrible party that won't reach 3 % of the votes!

-Philip Hopkins, CPL upon hearing about the announcement that Luthori First was resurrecting

4682 was the first election the party participated in since its dissolution. They gained 28% of the vote. Although it was the first party at the time and had the most votes, it did not get any support from other parties, because they feared what would happen if they allied with one of the most criticized parties in the history of Luthori, and what would TNLF want to achieve this time.

in 4687 TNLF made it briefly into government with WR and PR, forming the Newton Cabinet. This cabinet was later overthrown by the Maker II Cabinet.

in the 4691 election TNLF started losing voters and people thought they had lost grip since they are no longer respected by anyone in the diet and cannot form a government. They dissolved shortly after.

Second refoundation (4746) Edit

The party is refounded by Daniel Pierson in 4746. The party participates in its first election in 4747. In the election, Luthori First becomes the fifth party with 12.93 % of the votes and 19 seats.

In the opposition (4747-4757) Edit

A succession of elections with no stable government contributes to the rise of the party which gains votes at each election. In 4748, April 4749 and September 4749, the party results increase. In the 4750 regional elections, the first ones for the party, Luthori First wins one governor: Bill Villey in Middenriding. Also, the party wins 75 seats out of 500 overall. Despite those results, Luthori First is not part of any cabinet due to the refusal of the other parties to work with LF.

After the short-lived Dalton I Cabinet, another early election is held in 4751 after the dissolution of the far-right HLC.

4751 election Edit

This election is a real victory for the party which gains 23.42 % of the votes and becomes the second party in the country. Despite this strong showing, this is still not enough to enter in a coalition. In this election, the LF leader Daniel Pierson is elected Imperator of the Holy Luthorian Empire. The Smith I Cabinet is sworn in with no government program.

In the 4755 regional elections, the party makes major gains, gains two governors and enters in a coalition with the LCP in Erneshire.

After five years, in the 4756 election, Luthori First only loses 3 seats. The parliamentary election shows very stable results. However, Dwayne Loops is elected Imperator at the same time. The communist leader gave a time limit of 10 months to form a government before calling for an early election.

In 4757, the party stays the second political forces while losing a few votes.

Assasination of Daniel Pierson Edit

In August 4757, the leader of the party, Daniel Pierson is assasinated by his daughter Cecilia. Colonel Jack Pierson becomes the new leader of the party.

2 months after that, in October 4757, the Simeon I Cabinet is formed with Jonas Simeon (LF) at its head. It is the first cabinet led by Luthori First since the resurrection of the party.

Governmental participation, national-communist revolution and dissolution (4758) Edit

Jack Pierson, however, is not very involved in this cabinet and prefers to start talks with the Communist Party.

These talks are sucessfull and historical. In February 4758, the Dalton II Cabinet is formed with Peter Dalton at his head.

The program of the government has two parts: the first one is the transition towards a communist economy, the second one is a militaristic and authoritarian policy.

To celebrate the "National-communist" revolution, the government decides to organise demonstrations all around the country on 28 February 4758. This date also becomes a public holiday.

In order to achieve the complete transition of the party, Jack Pierson dissolves Luthori First to create The Purple Guard.

Important figures Edit

Title Name Since
Leader Jack Pierson 4757
Chairman Jonathan Manning 4746
Vice Chairman Opie Manning 4746
Party Secretary Simeon Crawl


Former Leaders Edit

Title Name Since To
Leader Dexter Wright 4557 4562
Leader Liam Reedes 4562 4572
Leader Michael Boss 4572 4581
Leader Jack Edwards 4581 4586
Leader Zack Pierson 4681 4691
Leader Daniel Pierson 4746 4757

Electoral results Edit

Date % +/- Seats +/- Status Position
4560 4.56 New
33 / 717
New In opposition 7th
4564 10.31 Increase 5.75 %
72 / 717
Increase 39 In opposition 4th
January 4569 7.02 Decrease 3.29 %
50 / 717
Decrease 22 In opposition 7th
August 4569 6.69 Decrease 0.33%
47 / 717
Decrease 3 In opposition 7th
4571 11.11 Increase 4.42 %
67 / 600
Increase 20 In opposition 4th
4573 14.72 Increase 3.61 %
88 / 600
Increase 21 In opposition 4th
4578 40.56 Increase 25.84 %
246 / 600
Increase 158 In government 1st
4583 20.32 Decrease 20.24 %
123 / 600
Decrease 123 In government 2nd
4585 18.92 Decrease 1.39 %
114 / 600
Decrease 9 In government 2nd
4586 19.67 Increase 0.75 %
118 / 600
Increase 4 In government 2nd

Refoundation of the party (4681)

Date Votes % +/- Seats +/- Status
4682 18,369,489 28.42 New
42 / 150
Increase 42 In opposition
4687 18,568,670 29.04 Increase 0.62 %
45 / 150
Increase 3 Newton I
In opposition
4691 16,419,776 27.20 Decrease 1.84 %
42 / 150
Decrease 3 In opposition
Second refoundation (4746)
4747 8,557,223 12.93 New
19 / 150
Increase 19 In opposition
4748 8,507,770 13.13 Increase 0.19 %
19 / 150
Increase 0 In opposition
4749 8,715,508 14.31 Increase 1.18 %
95 / 650
Increase 76 In opposition
September 4749 9,581,518 14.73 Increase 0.42 %
97 / 650
Increase 2 In opposition
4751 15,298,386 23.42 Increase 8.96%
154 / 650
Increase57 In opposition
4756 14,377,013 23.36 Decrease 0.07 %
151 / 650
Decrease 3 In opposition
4757 14,061,936 21.81 Decrease 1.55 %
142 / 650
Decrease 9 Simeon I, Dalton II

Regional elections Edit

Date Duchy diets seats +/- Duchy governments Dukes/Duchess
75 / 500
Increase 75
0 / 5
1 / 5
120 / 500
Increase 45
1 / 5
2 / 5
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