The Luthori General Election 4564 was an election held in the Holy Luthori Empire, with all 717 seats in the Holy Imperial Diet up for election. 

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All 717 seats
359 seats needed for majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Pierre Morrison Duke Blake Weston Theresa April
Party Communist Party of Luthori White Rose Neoliberal Party
Seats won 347 183 76
Seat change New Increase71 Increase11
Popular vote 30,090,142 15,973,493 6,830,349
Percentage 47.67% 25.31% 10.82%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Darren Ress
Party Luthori First Luthori Federation Party
Seats won 72 39
Seat change Increase39 Decrease10
Popular vote 6,509,044 3,672,506
Percentage 10.31% 5.82%
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Context Edit

It was the first election contested by the Communist Party of Luthori, which is a merger from the Socialist Labour Party and the old Communist Party of Luthori. This election also follows the dissolution of the Imperial Party.

Aftermath Edit

The old members of the Socialist Labour Party, now the Libertarian section of the Communist Party decided to form a government with White Rose and the neoliberal Party. This decision was not well understood by the ecologists faction who threatened to leave the alliance if they are not part of a cabinet with the libertarian section since the 2 factions have merged. At that moment the Luthori Federation Party dissolved, leaving the Communist Party with more than 50% of the seats. A 100% communist coalition was possible and Luthori became under control of the Communist Party.

Results Edit

Party Votes % Seats +/-
Communist Party of Luthori 30,090,142 47.67 280 New
White Rose 15,973,493 25.31 183 19 71
Neoliberal Party 6,830,349 10.82 76 19 11
Luthori First 6,509,044 10.31 72 19 39
Luthori Federation Party 3,672,506 5.82 39 Decrease 10
Social Democratic Union 44,518 0.07 0 New
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