The Luthori General Election, January 4569 was an election held in the Holy Luthori Empire, with all 717 seats in the Holy Imperial Diet up for election. 

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All 717 seats
359 seats needed for majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Pierre Morrison Richard Farage Francis Black
Party Communist Party of Luthori The Right Coalition Patriots Party
Seats won 268 140 87
Seat change Decrease79 Increase140 Increase87
Popular vote 21,839,998 11,623,970 7,127,592
Percentage 36.98% 19.68% 12.07%
Swing Decrease10.69% New New

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Edward Chamberlain Theresa April Duke Blake Weston
Party Social Democratic Union Neoliberal Party White Rose
Seats won 63 55 54
Seat change Increase63 Decrease21 Decrease129
Popular vote 5,272,883 4,614,747 4,425,109
Percentage 8.93% 7.81% 7.49%
Swing New Decrease3.01% Decrease17.82%

  Seventh party
Party Luthori First
Seats won 50
Seat change Decrease22
Popular vote 4,146,790
Percentage 7.02%
Swing Decrease3.29%
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Context Edit

3 new parties emerged in the country during the last legislature : The Right Coalition, the Patriots Party and the Social Democratic Party.

It was the first time since years that Luthori was governed by a communist government.

Aftermath Edit

The Communist Party stays the first party in Luthori, far before the others but experiences a decrease in support.

The Right Coalition makes a big surprise and comes second, while White Rose, the main conservative party in 2064, becomes sixth and loses a big share of its seats. *

Even though the Communist Party stays first, it will hard for it them to create a coalition government since the left-wing parties only account for 46% of the seats.

Results Edit

Party Votes % +/- Seats +/-
Communist Party of Luthori 21,839,998 36,98 Decrease 10.69% 268 Decrease 79
The Right Coalition 11,623,970 19,68 New 140 Increase 140
Patriots Party 7,127,592 12,07 New 87 Increase 87
Social Democratic Union 5,272,883 8,93 New 63 Increase 63
Neoliberal Party 4,614,747 7,81 Decrease 3.01% 55 Decrease 21
White Rose 4,425,109 7,49 Decrease 17.82% 54 Decrease 129
Luthori First 4,146,790 7,02 Decrease 3.29% 50 Decrease 22
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