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Luthorian Conservative Party
Party Leader
Grant Kennedy
Fort Orange, Williams
Student Wing
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Youth Wing
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Social Conservatism, Fiscal Conservatism, Nationalism
International Affiliation
Official Color
Political Position
Right-wing to far-right
Imperial Diet
140 / 650
Duchies Diets
92 / 500

The Luthorian Conservative Party is a far-right political party in Luthori. The party advocates placing Luthorians before anything else, restoring the empire and more social policies. The party existed from 4586 until 4593. It then was recreated in 4693. The party dissolved quickly after this, in 4694, which led to the establishment of the Maker III Cabinet and also the Communist Revolution.

The party was revived a third time in 4729 by Tina Jackson

History Edit

Foundation and dissolution (4586-4593) Edit

The party was initially founded in 4693. It had a moderate success immediately, gaining 10.66 % of the votes in 4586. It gained power for a short amount of time in 4589.

The LCP lost most of its voters after that in 4591 but saw a resurgence in 4593. After that, the party was dissolved

Refoundation and re-dissolution (4692-4694) Edit

100 years later, the party was refounded and had success immediately after its creation with 13.75 % of the votes.

The party then participated in the Weston I Cabinet.

An early election was called a year later where the LCP became the first party of Luthori with 25.38 % of the votes. Due to problems concerning the funding of the party, it was dissolved a few months after, letting the communists take power in Luthori.

Second refoundation (4728-4729) Edit

The party was refounded again in 4728 by Tina Jackson. With its strongly anti-socialist campaign, the party had a huge success and gained over 20 % of the votes in the 4729 parliamentary election. The party became the first party in Shipleyriding and Northiriding gaining over 35 % of the votes in those two regions. In other regions, the received less than 10 % of the votes.

This allowed the party to enter in the T. Weston V Cabinet with White Rose.

T. Weston V Cabinet (4729-4734) Edit

The party gained the Internal Affairs ministry with Tina Jackson, the party leader occupying the post, as well as five other ministries. The government pursued a very liberal economic policy, as well as reactionary policies. The cabinet removed salary caps, the mandatory pollution standards, food and health safety regulations. The Weston Cabinet also passed socially conservative reforms, banning homosexual marriage, abortion excepted in cases of medical emergency, euthanasia and restored the military service.

In November 4731, due to the dissolution of a left-wing republican party, the pro-empire right gained a 2/3 majority and restored the Luthorian Empire. The country was renamed Holy Luthorian Empire, the President was replaced by the Imperator.

In February 4732, the National Assembly was renamed Imperial Diet, the Regions were renamed Duchies and the Prime Minister was renamed Imperial Seal Bearer.

This cabinet also saw an unprecedented presidential crisis between the government and the president Michael Hewitt from the Bloc of the Left.

First political force in Luthori (4734-4745) Edit

The 4734 election was the first test for the new far-right cabinet. The cabinet gained 4 seats compared to the previous election and received a majority of votes in all regions, except in Orange. The LCP saw its vote share increase significantly and became the first party with 28.81 % of the votes and 46 seats. The party gained votes in all duchies and even won 55.05 % of the votes in Shipleyriding. At the same time, the ally of the LCP, the White Rose lost 12 seats and was seen as the loser of the election.

Jackson I Cabinet (4734-4740) Edit

Following its electoral success, the party formed a cabinet with Tina Jackson as the prime minister: the Jackson I Cabinet. It pursued the neoliberal and reactionary policies of the previous cabinet. It de-regulated stock exchanges, increased retirement age, de-subsidized tuition and public transports. Open homosexuality was banned in the military and death penalty was restored. Public transport strikes also took place in 4738.

4739 election

In the 4739 election, the party stays in the first position but declines heavily, only gathering 16.26 % of the votes, compared to 28.81 % in 4734. The party sees a loss of votes in all duchies. In Shipleyriding, the LCP stays the first party with 35 % of the votes. In Middenriding, the party loses its first place to the Communist Party while declining heavily. The Jackson I Cabinet therefore acts as a caretaker cabinet as the government lost its majority.

4740 election

Following the dissolution of political parties that gained seats in the previous election and the political crisis that followed, an early election is called for 4740. The government parties are recovering some seats while the far-rgiht HLC becomes the second political force. The LCP gains 11 seats and increases its vote share by 6.91 %, reaching 23.17 % of the total votes. In Shipleyriding, the LCP regains an absolute majority of votes (52.48 %) and regains its first position in Middleriding.

Following the dissolution of the Left for Progress, the Jackson II Cabinet is formed in November of the same year with the LPL.

Jackson II Cabinet (4740-today) Edit

Following the dissolution of the Left for Progress and the Common Wealth Party an agreement is reached between the LCP, the WR and the LPL to form the Jackson II Cabinet.

The Jackson II Cabinet expanded death penalty removed economic regulations, privatised public services and finally banned abortion in all cases, continuing on the very conservative line of the previous cabinets.

In the 4745 election, the party loses votes and becomes the second party with 18.46% of he votes. In the regional elections, the party fares fery well in Shipleyriding, gaining 49.77 % and an absolute majority of seats with 51 seats out of 100. In other duchies, the party gained less votes, its results fluctuating between 4.24 and 17.20 % of the votes.

The Jackson II Cabinet is one seat short of a majority with 75 seats out of 150. However, in February 4746, the Green Left Coalition decided to provide support and confidence to the cabinet, allowing Tina Jackson to govern for a few more years.

Electoral results Edit

 Parliamentary elections
Date Votes Seats Status Position
# % +/- # +/-
4586 6,920,831 10.66 New
66 / 600
Increase 66 In opposition 3rd
4589 6,888,541 10.73 Increase 0.07 %
64 / 600
Decrease 2 In government 4th
4591 3,062,354 4.74 Decrease 5.98 %
29 / 600
Decrease 35 In opposition 7th
4593 7,488,144 11.71 Increase 6.97 %
70 / 600
Increase 41 In opposition 6th
4693 8,858,734 13.75 New
19 / 150
Increase 19 Conservative Coalition 3rd
4694 16,789,105 25.38 Increase 11.63 %
39 / 150
Increase 20 Was dissolved 1st
Second Refoundation
4729 13,241,110 20.08 New
30 / 150
Increase 30 T. Weston V 2nd
4734 17,146,265 28.81 Increase 8.73 %
46 / 150
Increase 16 Jackson I 1st
4739 10,248,263 16.26 Decrease 12.55 %
26 / 150
Decrease 20 Jackson I 1st
4740 14,570,525 23.17 Increase 6.91 %
37 / 150
Increase 11 Jackson II 1st
4745 11,699,245 18.46 Decrease 4.71 %
28 / 150
Decrease 9 Jackson II 2nd
4747 11,629,768 17.58 Decrease 0.88 %
26 / 150
Decrease 2 Jackson II 2nd
4748 11,368,623 17.54 Decrease 0.04 %
27 / 150
Increase 1 Jackson II 2nd
4749 9,597,821 15.76 Decrease 1.43 %
103 / 650
Increase 76 Jackson II 3rd
September 4749 11,173,120 17.18 Increase 1.71 %
111 / 650
Increase 12 In opposition 4th
4751 12,945,148 19.82 Increase 2.64 %
128 / 650
Increase 17 Smith I 3rd
4756 13,366,885 21.71 Increase 1.89 %
141 / 650
Increase 13 Smith I 3rd
4757 13,935,597 21.61 Decrease 0.10 %
140 / 650
Decrease 1 Simeon I 3rd
In opposition

Regional elections Edit

Date Seats +/- Governors Cabinets
92 / 500
Increase 92
1 / 5
3 / 5


Tina Jackson 4734-4750

Ryan Smith 4750- 4757

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