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Federal Commonwealth State of Lýore
Flag of Lýore.png
Motto:Apprendre, Ensîngni, Vivre.
Anthem:Aux Rêves
Map of Lyore.png
Area 820,000 km² est.
Chai, Rouoyaume, Fégardîn, Charlemón, Côte de Caltrop
Government Type State
Chancellor Edouard Aspliet
Head of State Party Independent
Language English, Normand, French
Capital Nouvieau Jèrri
Largest City Tèrre d'Dgèrre
Population 963,000
Density people / km²
Founded 2509
Currency Dovani Currency Unit
Currency Abbreviation DCU
Sport Tennis
Animal Leopard
Nation ID Number:55

Lýore was a colony of Sekowo. In 2875 all of Sekowo's colonies were sold to Luthori and Zardugal, and Lýore was soon brought under the colonial rule of Greater Hulstria. In 3389, three years after the creation of the Imperial Crownlands of Hulstria and Gao-Soto, Sekowo and Hulstria and Gao-Soto signed the Treaty of Miyako, restoring all former Sekowan colonies under Crownlander rule to Sekowan sovereignty. Sekowo remained the colonial ruler of Lýore until the Indralan-Sekowan War which brought the Sekowan colonial empire to an end for the second time with the occupation of all Sekowan colonies by Indrala. A few year later all colonial holders, including Indrala, officially proclaimed the independence of all of their colonies and protectorates. Lýore was united with Shiratoku to form the independent nation of Liore.

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