Magadonia Province

Flag of Myeoggi

Country Dankuk
Regional capital Yonseo
  Governing body Congress of Magadonia
  Ruling party(s)
Area 166,200 km²
Population 19,923,102

The Magadonia Province (Kyomal: 멱기도; Myeoggido) is a province in northeastern Dankuk. The largest city in the province is Pyeongreo and the capital is Yonseo.

Geography Edit

Much of Magadonia is hilly and mountainous, with the northern extent of the Barrier Range located in the inland portion of the region. Closer to the coast land is somewhat more flat though in some areas there are fjords and large coastal cliffs. Outside of the four major urban centers of the province, much of Magadonia is rural and covered by dense forests.

In ancient times there was volcanic activity in this region and to this day Magadonia continues to be a seismically active area. Numerous natural hot springs can be found in the mountainous parts of the region. Additionally, Magadonia has high potential for geothermal energy production.

Common natural wildlife of Magadonia includes caribou and brown bears. Close to bodies of water, mostly to the northern parts of the province, puffins are native. Within the mountainous areas there are isolated populations of macaques. Native to northern Dankuk is the fjord horse, which was often used as a farm horse. Today, use as farm horses is less common, often limited to small-scale family operations, and more often they are utilized for riding, therapy, or tourism.

Major Cities & Towns Edit

Economy Edit

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