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The Particracy Wiki contains many articles intended to add some background to the nations in the world of Terra, the parties striving for power in the nations and the interesting characters their various histories have allowed to come to the fore. In addition, pages about the players behind the parties and articles are also here. There are many ways in which you can contribute to the project.
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Particracy Classic

Particracy Classic is a political simulation game where players can take on the role of a political party in a fictional country. Parties can propose and vote on legislation, contest elections, form governments and engage in international relations. Outside of the main game, players can engage with other players in their country and further afield on the Particracy Forum

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The Particracy Wiki enables players to further develop the Particracy Classic game world. Players are free to create and edit pages about their party, politicians, country and a whole host of other matters. Before making substantive edits, contributors should read the Manual of Style and familiarise themselves with the basic conventions of the Wiki.

Once contributors have picked up the basics, there are a variety of projects that they can contribute too through the Community Portal. Foremost among these would be creating or updating pages about their political party and their country. For further advice, consider contacting a member of the leadership team.

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Yilma Bal

Bal during his premiership

Yilma Bal (14 October 4691 – 5 May 4768) was a Jakanian politician and filmmaker who served as Premier of Jakania between December 4737 and October 4743. Beginning his career as a documentary filmmaker, Bal founded the Democratic Alliance alongside Khaalid al-Hashmi, Zehra Apak, Nuray Cevahir and Aytolun Toker. Unlike the other founding figures in the party, Bal had no formal political experience prior to becoming the party's inaugural leader.

Following the 4737 Jakanian general election, Bal became the first Premier of Jakania as the party instituted a series of political and economic reforms. Over the next five years, he led a government that saw a dramatic turnaround in the economic conditions in the country, as well as a renewed position on the international stage.

In November 4747, Bal announced he would retire from frontline politics owing to health concerns. Khaalid al-Hashmi became interim party leader before the eventual election of Zehra Apak. After leaving politics, Bal embarked on various other projects including a return to film as a producer through his own production company.

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