Type Subsidiary
Traded as BII: MJA
Industry Low Cost Commercial Air Transport
Founded 4 February, 4295
Headquarters Viale Marcantonio Borgiese, 455 Romula, Istalia
Hubs Romula and Beleco
Fleet 110 Aircrafts
Key people
Services Air Transportation
Slogan An affordable Majatra for all
Revenue LIS$2.89b (4300)
Net income LIS$452m (4300)
Owners IstalAir 100%
Employees 9.800
SkyMaster 4 Stars

MajAir, contraction of Majatran Airline, is an Istalian low-cost airline founded in 4295, headquartered in Romula, with its primary operational bases at Romula and Beleco airports.

MajAir operates 110 Ajace AMJ-100 aircraft and it is planned to purchaise a hundred more. In the future the company foresees the purchaise of the larger AMJ-200, of the same Ajace's aircraft family.

Since its foundation Ajace profited of the relative peace in Majatra at the end of 43rd and the beginning of 44th century and of the common economic area of the Majatran Alliance. The company serves almost all the nations in Majatra with destinations also in south Seleya and south Artania.

In June 4508 MajAir, together with its parent company IstalAir joined the Goldstar Alliance. According to SkyMaster MajAir is a 4-star airline with the average age of its aircraft of 10.2 years.


MajAir was created by IstalAir purchaising and rebranding the regional airline Parallela. IstalAir, the most important and former flag carrier of Istalia, decided to invest in trasforming Parallela into its low cost branch with the objective to expand into the Majatran market of the low-cost air transport hoping to become the continental major actor into this market and entering into the scene with a large purchaise of the brand-new aircraft of Ajace Aeronautics with which MajAir was able to offer affordable travel to a continent in which the contancts between nations and demand for even more connections were quickly raising.


MajAir is a subsidiary of IstalAir which control 100% of its stakes.


MajAir's fleet consists of the following aircraft:

MajAir's fleet
Aircraft In-service Orders Passengers Livery
Reglair i1
I1 majair
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