Majatran Mamuryūken Regiments - Supply and Training Arrangment treaty was drafted in December 3807 by Hausu Yūkīō-Rabuzubāgu.

Treaty Text Edit

I, Princess Yukio-Labsburg Borussia, Field-Marshal of the Imperial Army of the Great Empire of Mikuni-Harustoria, Commander of the Expeditionary Force in the War against Zardugal, Knight of the Order of Lilin, Most Holy Daughter of the Imperial House - having observed the bravery and hardiness of the Majatran warrior in battle, desire to establish at the service of myself regiments of Mamuryūken recruited from the proud and mighty warrior peoples of Majatra. In return for handsome payments to the chieftains of their tribes, families and to the relevant government authorities - I will take into my service any Majatran boy from the age of 16 to 25 of good health and sufficient courage, to serve in my regiments until he retire of old age, whereupon he may return to his homeland should he wish. Great honour and rewards shall be theirs, and they shall be allowed to keep all loot acquired in battle for themselves to spend at their discretion. Should they die, the families of the Mamuryūken will be compenstated. Those who serve out their term shall enjoy a pension at the expense of myself and all who inherit my estates.

These Mamuryūken shall serve as my retainers, and I shall employ in any conflict I see fit - and in this manner bring honour and glory on all involved. I believe this shall help bring honour upon the Majatran people, and provide aid to those who wish to escape poverty by daring and adventure. A heroic death or a well-earned retirement are what I offer, a fine offer to any red-blooded Majatran. I shall accept all religions and races into my service, asking only for their loyalty and ferocity in battle, without discriminating. I will reserve the right to spend recruitment officers, empowered by myself or my decedents, to any signatory nature to gather recruits.

Signatories Edit

As of March 4090 the treaty was formally ratified by the following nations

  • Hafna Serenissima Qildanjanu Unjoni (Most Serene Cildanian Union), ratified December 3875
  • Res Publica Pontea (Pontesian Republic), ratified April 3809
  • Jelbék H'ánknstat (Khanate of Jelbania), ratified October 3808