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Majatran Revolutionary Socialist Federation
Мажатраска́ Револучна́ Соцялистицка́ Федера́ця
Мьтрє Пфстёгадє Онсмиѳрндє Тагхекнстат
Μαγατρική Επαναστατική Σοσιαλιστική Ομοσπονδία
الاتحاد الاشتراكي الثوري المعترني
Macatra Devrimci Sosyalist Federasyon
Flag of MRSF.png              MRSF emblem.png

            Flag                               Coat of Arms

Capital                     Čachtice
Largest city            Čachtice
Languages             Daralian, Jelbek, Kalopian, Majatran, Tukaric
Government           Socialist confederation
Chairman of the Council of Ministers      Andrej Bartoš
Legislature             Council of Ministers
- Total                        
- Per Capita               
Area                          km²
Drives on                 Right
Internet TLD            N/A

The Majatran Revolutionary Socialist Federation was a socialist federation founded by the nations of Deltaria, Jakania, Jelbania, and Kalopia, established in April 4213 with the Treaty on the Creation of the Majatran Revolutionary Socialist Federation. Badara and Cobura later joined the Federation, leading to its rise to the status of a significant power in Majatra, directly challenging Istalian supremacy on the continent. From its inception the Federation found itself locked in a cold war with Istalia over West Kalopia, which the Federation claimed was an Istalian puppet, demanding its unification with East Kalopia under the MRSF.

Throughout its history the Federation was plagued by instability and its inability to offer a unified response to the external and internal threats against its existence, due to the lack of a strong central government and conflicting interests of its member states. When the Badaran Civil War started between MRSF member People's Republic of Badara, backed by Istalia, and the right-wing Coalition, supported by Beiteynu, the Federation as a whole failed to offer support to its member government. The inability of the Federation to intervene with a single voice in Majatran conflicts and the conflict between pro-Beiteynuese and pro-Istalian members of the Federation ultimately led to its disintegration, as anti-Communist forces succeeded in overthrowing the Socialist governments of the member states, with foreign support from Beiteynu and Kazulian intelligence, and by 4255 most member states had withdrawn from the MRSF. The power vacuum left in central Majatra by the collapse of the Federation was soon filled by Thallerist forces, leading to a new round of Majatran conflicts.

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