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Macon Location.png
Area3,677,700 km²
Population density250,30 km²
LanguagesDavostani & Kivonian (Davostan) | Luthorian, Dundorfian (Hutori | Skjöldunga, Doyingar (Telamon)

Makon, also known as Macon in Telamonese, is one of the northernmost continents of Terra. It consists of three countries; Davostan, Hutori and Telamon. Makon is situated between Artania to the west and Keris to the east. Makon also stretches as far South as the Telamonese island of Migadon, while south of this is the continent of Seleya.


Makon's geography varies widely, from the cold mountains of Davostan, over hills into the open lands of Athlorcaea, and onwards into the forested Telamon.

Mountain ranges divide each nation of the continent from it's neighbours, and these mountains in turn result in the continents varied ecosystems and weather.


Makon consists of three nations:


Ancient History[]

  • Originally home to dozens of indigenous groups
  • Colonised by foreign forces

Modern History[]


Extensive mountains make trade between nations somewhat difficult, and with the additional factor of numerous large populated islands a lot of the region's trade is sea-based.



Despite a series of unsuccesful attempts to unify the individual countries into a single continent-wide nation, the three governments of Makon follow largely isolationist paths. This is not uniformly true, though, with Telamon fiercely isolationist while Davostan goes through periods of isolation and interraction. Caught in the middle of the continent, Athlorcaea has a history of conflict, though this is largely internal, notably it's two recent civil wars.

Nations of Makon
Flag of Davostan.png Davostan - Flag of Hutori.png Hutori - Telamon Flag.png Telamon
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