Total population
45 million
Regions with significant populations
26 million
18 million
Mallan language, Augustan
Coburan Apostolic Tewahedo Church, Terran Patriarchal Church
Related ethnic groups
Irkawan people

Mallans (Mallan: ማላ Malla) are an ethnic group on the continent of Majatra, and one of the ethnic minorities in Cobura and Zardugal. The Mallans are the indigenous inhabitants of the Domale region, which was forcibly absorbed into the Kingdom of Irkawa in antiquity. They have suffered widespread persecution throughout their history, at the hands of various Empires and regimes in Cobura. As a result, they fiercely defend their indigenous practices and beliefs. Mallans mostly adhere to the Coburan Apostolic Tewahedo Church, an autocephalous church part of the Apostolic Church of the East.

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