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The Mandel Cabinet is a former government of Dorvik. Led by Die Mitte's Stephen Mandel, who was elected President in 4615 at the end of the "Party Crisis," it is a minority government currently propped up by confidence and supply of the Communists.

Ministers (4616-4619)Edit

Präsident(in) Stephen Madnel (Sol)
Foreign Affairs Helmut Parker (SLL)
Internal Affairs Frederich Bantsz (LP)
Finance Klara Lichtenfels (Sol)
Defence Hans Openwaffer (Sol)
Justice Otto Smant (LP)
Infrastructure and Transport Louise Schmidt (SLL)
Health and Social Services Manfred Werstein (Sol)
Education and Culture Max von Madden (LP)
Science and Technology Jacob Müller (LP)
Food and Agriculture Anne Nürner (SLL)
Environment and Tourism Egon Hansen (SLL)
Trade and Industry Joachim Raidar (LP)
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