Mateo Montejo, born in the Federal Republic of Hutori on approximately 4261. At the age of two he was carried by his parents to the Republic of Telamon in search of a new life and better economic possibilities. Short time after, his father found a job inside a shoe factory and joined the local shoe makers union. With his constant work he managed to send his two sons into college where they studied and in time became prominent organizers amongst their companions.

Mateo finished his studies as an biomedical engineer and continues to work alongside his comrades against the plutocracy and oppresion of the National Party, founding the Kafe Commune party in late summer of 4271. Five years later of this, Mateo Montejo wins the national elections for Head of State (president) of Telamon with a 21.84% of difference with the National Party, leading Telamon into an anarchy.

Two years after this event, the National Party gains more popularity, so Rodney Newman decides to create a new party, The Communist Party of the Liberals, to help Kafe Commune to maintain an anarchy. Rodney and Mateo would be friends from now on.

On November 4291 Rodney Newman dies and his child, Danny Newman, would become the new leader of his party. He would also be a friend of Mateo Montejo, and then on September 4308, Mateo Montejo dies and his party dissolves. Anyways, the Libertarian Socialists (communist party of the liberals before) will continue with the anarchy for over half a century.

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