Mattia Renzo
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Istalian Prime Minister Logo
President of the Council of Ministers
In office
I 4412 - 4417
II 4417 - 4421
III 4421 - 4428
IV 4428 – 4432
Preceded byDavino Bartone
Succeeded byRoberto Volta
Istalian Parliament Logo
Member of Parliament for Mezzodiurno
In office
April 4402 – August 4444
Parliamentary groupDF
President of the Democratic Front
In office
Preceded byGiovanni Piacente
Succeeded byAugustina Gentile-Silvero
Personal details
Born18 june 4375
Died20 july 4478
Florenza, Padagna
Political partyDemocratic Front
Spouse(s)Lara Renzo
ChildrenMichele Renzo
Alma materDegree in Law
ReligionAurorian Hosianism

Mattia Renzo (Angona, 18 june 4375 - Florenza, 20 july 4478) was an istalian politician who has served as President of the Council since 4412 to 4432, President of the Democratic Front since 4403 to 4418 and Member of the Chamber of Deputies since 4402 to 4444. 


Mattia Renzo was born in Angona in 4375, son of Alberto and Maria who both acted as mayor of a town near Angona, Renzo declared that it is precisely the work of parents who have approached politics to him. At the age of 14 he joined the "Students for FD" youth association, at the age of 16 he became a school representative with the FD, a position he held until he graduated, he decides to continue his law studies and becomes a lawyer in 4399.

Political CarreerEdit

He is a candidate in the parliamentary elections in April 4402, he is elected in the Mezzodiurno region, then he also wins the elections of 4406, 4410, 4414.
In 4403 is a candidate for the Presidency of the Democratic Front, starting from a large underdog because of his young age, but surprisingly manages to get a great result and to become a leader of the FD charge that has maintained to this day.
He also participated in the presidential elections of 4402, with the support of the Radicals but he arrives 4th with 20% of the votes.

President of the Council of Ministers

Following the uncertain scenario left by the 4410 elections, the President Simone Calenda , instructs him to form a new government that should have come after that of Davino Bartone . After 2 years he manages to form a large coalition executive formed by the Center-Left plus the support of the PNI, the 1st Renzo Government will last 5 years.
In 4417 he is leading his second government with FD, AR, PDA and PND, this is a caretaker government after the consultation phase of President Gentile-Silvero lasted two and a half years.

In July 4428 he becomes the longest sitting Prime Minister of Istalia surpassing the previous record of Vittoria Nacon. When his fourth Government ended and was replaced by the Government Volta, Mattia Renzo spent 19 years and 8 months as Head of Government.

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