Archduke of Hulstria

Count of Lensk

Father Seregai, Count of Lensk
Mother Baroness Vasilisa
Spouse Archduchess Charlotte of Hulstria
  • Archduke Klemens
  • Archduke Konrad
  • Archduchess Anne
Titles and Styles
  • HIM the Archduke of Hulstria
  • HG the Count of Lensk
Date of Birth June 3rd, 2873
Date of Death
Line House of Kolstovich

His Imperial Majesty Matvei, Count of Lensk, Archduke of Hulstria (b.June 3rd, 2873) is a high-ranking Trigunian nobleman of the Kolstovich family; he is currently married to Archduchess Charlotte of Hulstria and his three children with her. Matvei is the son of Seregai, Count of Lensk, and Baroness Vasilisa. Matvei obtained the title of "His Grace, Count of Lensk" following the death of his father and the title of "His Imperial Majesty, Archduke of Hulstria" following his marriage with Archduchess Charlotte.

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