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St. Medgar Haas

Patriarch of the East, Archbishop of Phönix and Primate of Hulstria and Gao-Soto
In office
3352 – 3418
Preceded by
Hosianus von Malberge
Succeeded by

21st of May, 3322
Kien, Hulstria
5th of May, 3418
Phönix, Hulstria
St. Medgar Haas of Phönix
Venerated in Selucian Patriarchal Church

Luthoran Church of Hulstria

Beatified 1st of June, 3426, Empyrean Temple, Selucia by Arch-Patriarch Marius I
Canonized 11th of November, 3443, Phönix, Hulstria by Patriarch Matthias Lemann on behalf of the Arch-Patriarch
Feast 5th of May
Patronage Democracy, persecuted Hosians, victims of oppression and terrorism, ecumenicalism
 Saint Medgar Haas, also referred to as Saint Medgar of Phönix and known in life as Medgar, Cardinal Haas , is a Selucian Patriarchal and Hulstrian Luthoran Hosian saint. He was the Selucian Patriarchal Archbishop of Phönix and one of the oldest living Cardinals of the Selucian Patriarchal Church. Described by his contemporaries as "saintly", he was famed for his ecumenical demeanour, good relations with the dominant Luthoran Church of Hulstria, and eminent Biblical scholarship. Despite his old age, he was one of the leaders of the Protest March of 15 September 3411, which was brutally dispersed by dictatorship forces, from which he escaped miraculously.

Following his death in May 3418, Hosians in Hulstria and Gao-Soto have called for his canonization. The canonization was confirmed in November 3443 at an Apostolic High Mass celebrated by his successor, Matthias Lemann, the later Arch-Patriarch Justus III.

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