During the Medieval period, the mainland of Kanjor was broken into fourteen political entities.

Entities Under the Direct Control of the ArchbishopEdit

Archevêché de Kanjo et de la Vallée
Archbishopric of Kanjo and the Valley
Archbishop of Kanjo-CoA
Time of Existence: circa 800 - 1221
(approx. 400 years)
Preceded By: Bishop of Kanjo
Replaced By: Eliminated
Dynasty: House of Boullée
Modern Location: Extinct

Archevêché de Kanjo et de la ValléeEdit

Archbishopric of Kanjo and the (Numineux) Valley

- House of Boullée

Abbaye de NompiègneEdit

Abbey of Nompiègne

- given to cousin of House of Boullée

Abbaye de BellevueEdit

Abbey of Bellevue

Prince-évêché de Saint-Ayr VanlesEdit

Prince-Bishopric of Saint-Ayr Vanles

Abbaye Saint-Germain CréteilEdit

Abbey de Saint-Germain et Créteil

Immédiateté archevêché de Saint-Laurent et Saint-Simon et Sainte-BeuveEdit

Archbishopric Immediacies of Saint Laurent, Saint Simon, and Saint Beuve


Royaume de Chevènement et RienneEdit

Royaume de Chevènement et Rienne
Kingdom of Chevènement and Rienne
CoA-Kingdom of Chevenement
Time of Existence: 801 - 1216
(415 years)
Preceded By: Kingdom of Chevènement and the Principality of Rienne
Replaced By: Jurisdiction of the Chamber of Lords & Bishops
Dynasty: House of Rienne-Malle
Modern Location: Oléri-des-Grâces

Kingdom of Chevènement and Rienne

- formed with merger of Kingdom of Chevènement and the Principality of Rienne

- marriage of the two families; agreement for the merger of two as long as the lands retain relative independence

- loose confederation, mostly built around close cooperation of two families & vassals

- prosperous kindgom, nestled in the western hills of Oléri-des-Grâces

- economy based on farming & artisans; famous for their furniture

- Chevènement famous for apple-based liqueur

- greatest military units were archers from the forests; made up of independent yeoman farmers granted land to king of Chevènement and fiercely loyal to the royal family & to Archbishop of Kanjo

Royaume de Roussillon et le Grand-Duché de Sillingly et SèvresEdit

Royaume de Roussillon et le Grand-Duché de Sillingly et Sèvres
Kingdom of Roussillon and the Grand Duchy of Sillingly and Sèvres
CoA-Kingdom of Roussillion
Time of Existence: 723 - 1213
{490 years)
Preceded By: Grand Duchy of Roussillon, Grand Duchy of Sillingly, Countship of Sèvres
Replaced By: Jurisdiction of the Chamber of Lords & Bishops
Dynasty: House of Roussillon (first)
House of Sillingly-Sèvres (first)
House of Roussillon-Sillingly-Sèvres
Modern Location: Martois

Kingdom of Roussillon and the Grand Duchy of Sillingly and Sèvres

- Roussillon fought numerous wars with the Grand Duchy and finally took it in marriage

- war-torn and devastated area; filled with tough warriors; peasantry poor & heavily taxed; very centralized system

- used Archbishop of Kanjo as legitimacy to retain power

- all people of Kingdom were used as warriors & had system of militia

Principalities, Duchies, & Grand DuchiesEdit

Principauté de Cimoges VendesEdit

Principality of Cimoges Vendes

Principauté de Briand et MarcelineEdit

Principality of Briand and Marceline

- strong military commanders came from Briand et Marceline

- strong knights, run as military order by prince

- House of Briand tried & found guilty of heresy during the Inquisition of Kanjor but rehabilitated

- eventually swore allegiance to House of Audierne

Grand-Duché de ChauxerreEdit

Grand Duchy of Chauxerre

Duché de AudierneEdit

Duché de Audierne
Duchy of Audierne
House of Audierne Flag
Time of Existence: 750 - 1370
(620 years)
Preceded By: City-states of Soulon and Saint-Claire
Replaced By: Kingdom of Kanjor, Afar & l'Ome
Duchy of Martois
Dynasty: House of Audierne
Modern Location: Martois

Duchy of Audierne

Duché de Noiret et le BalmeEdit

Duchy of Noiret and le Balme

Comté de LambéryEdit

(Countship of Lambéry)

Flag-United States of Kanjor and La Tondelle United States of Kanjor & La Tondelle
États-Unis de Kanjor et La Tondelle

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