There are five main administrative districts of Beiteynu each known as a Mehoz.

Mehoz Capital
Padrilka Gan Kofim
Fruskila Birahteynu
Quo'gün Gush Gadid
Endild Yishelem
Tadraki Nrkté Trk/Jewcastle

Greater Beiteynu MehozotEdit


Greater Beiteynu

Under the idea of a Greater Beiteynu the whole of the Promised Land would be taken under Jewish control as such creating further Mehozot. Supporters of this policy refer to Mehoz HaDarom (Southern District: Modern day Barmenistani regions of Ikegaru and Murdhild), Mehoz HaTzafon (Northern District: Part of the modern day Pontesian regions of Xanduley and Abure) and Havot Dandrael (Dandrael Farms: Modern day Pontesian region of Dandratur). The only time during Beiteynuese history when all such Mehozot were under Jewish control was the First Jewish Homeland.

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