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Merani Balenko

Attorney-General of Domale
In office
4395 – 4398

Justice of the Supreme Court of Domale
In office
4398 – 4406

Justice of the Supreme Court of Cobura
In office
4406 – 4411

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Cobura
In office
4411 – 4415

High Commissioner of the World Congress Anti Slavery Office
In office
4415 – 4425

9 February 4356
Militikensasha, (Domale)
21 July 4452
Addis Amka, (Domale)
Ritam Balenko
Alma Mater
Addis Amka Faculty of Law and Public Service

Hon. Merani Balenko is a Coburan justice and is best known for serving as World Congress Anti Slavery Office until 4425.

She started her career as Attorney-General (Governorate Minister of Justice) of the Coburan Governorate of Domale. After that, she was elected to the Domalan Supreme Court, in which she became famous after co-presiding over the Domale Governorate v. Otek case. This case, that lasted more than twelve months eventually resulted in the legal approval of a nationwide mandatory vaccination programme for children regardless of ideological or religious reasons.

Due to her fame and recognition, then Prime Minister Diamo Tesfaye proposed her as judge for the Coburan Supreme Court, which was later approved unanimously by the House. After serving in the SC for five years, she was appointed Chief Justice. During her tenure, she put the final signature under the Constitutional amendement of 4415.

Following the foundation of the World Congress Anti Slavery Office, Balenko was proposed as candidate for High Commissioner. She won the vote, which was held in the WC Security Council, with an overwhelming majority. She then served for ten years as High Commissioner.

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