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  • I took the severe reduction in autonomy of the CAT to mean that it was basically remerged with the Barmenian Church; I mean's the ACB's authority is over the entire continent of Majarta, but I thought the language of the Synod of Kathura and the Synod of Qart Qildar made it clear that each individual church could maintain its own traditions. So my assumption was they would be kind of like Maronintes and the Pope; he's nominally their Patriarch and head, but they still practice their traditions and liturgy.

    I apologize for the misunderstanding.

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    • Oh sure, no worries, and no reason to apologize. It was just that I wanted the continued existence of the CATC to remain visible given its importance for RP. Also if you check the wikipedia page on the Maronite Church, it isn't mentioned as having "merged" into the Roman Catholic Church.

      No real misunderstanding here though, my concern is mainly about how information on the wikia is visible for other players.

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