Chūhōkō (中方向), officially the Federal Republic of Chūhōkō ('中方向'連邦共和国 , Chūhōkō Renpō kyōwakoku), whose name translates roughly as "Midway", is a former colonial possession and federal state of Sekowo that was granted independence. Chūhōkō is nominally a democratic republic with a federal constitution, but in practice it is a presidential dictatorship ruled by the dictator </span>Naquichinisa Hiraku, another in a long line of dictatorial rulers that have plagued the country following the instability left in the wake of Sekowo's withdrawal. The country has a population of 18,681,551.


Chūhōkō occupies a central position of the Dovani continent, which is why the Sekowan colonists named it Chūhōkōkuni ("Midway Country"), which was eventually shortened to simply Chūhōkō (Midway). The indigenous population who occupied the area were not a united nation, and thus had no name for the entire region.

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