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Mikko Lahtinen
Mikko Lahtinen

In office
05.12.3345 – 12.05.3347
Preceded by
Stanislav Pozdnyakov
Succeeded by
Office abolished

Assumed office 
Preceded by
Office created

2nd Leader of Green Pirate Party
In office
12.06.3341 – 04.06.3345
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Office abolished

1st Leader of People's Community
In office
04.06.3345 – 17.07.3357
Preceded by
Office created
Succeeded by

Political party
Green Pirate Party (3338-3345);
People's Community (since 3345)
Alma Mater
Artemjevsk State University

Mikko Lahtinen current Leader of the Commowealth Communes of Trigunia.


Mikko was born in Sebenogorsk in 3317 in a family of intellectuals. After graduating in 3333 was one of the schools in Sebenogorsk, he enrolled in the Faculty of Journalism of Artemjevsk State University. When finished it in 3338, he began work as a journalist and joined the Green Pirate Party. In 3340, he became head of the printing department, and in 3341, Linus Laatikaninen has put forward his candidacy for the presidency of the party.

Lahtinen's Reforms[]

In 3345, he made ​​a proposal to modernize the party, because she could not unite the greater part of the population. For this, he joined the Green Pirate Party and the National Patriotic Party. The united party was named People's Community.

This helped him to become president of the Trigunian People's Republic. After his election to that office, he began to transform Trigunia from a unitary presidential republic into a federal parliamentary republic. Instead of the old provinces, he created a commune that became more independent than the province. He continued the liberalization process initiated by Linus Laatikaninen. Trigunian People's Republic has become the Commowealth Communes of Trigunia.

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