Imperial Armed Forces of Sekowo
Seikowo Teikokugun
Sekowo armed forces
Flag of the Imperial Armed Forces
Founded 2980
Disbanded 3734
Service branches Sekowo army Sekowan Imperial Army
Sekowo navy Imperial Sekowo Navy
Sekowo air Imperial Sekowo Air Force
Headquarters Kasmenai
Empress Ishida ???
Minister of Defense Batou Hayashi
Military age 16 - 65 years old
Available for
military service
9000,000, age 15–49
Active personnel 514,300
Reserve personnel 385,700
Budget 30b 圓
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The Imperial Armed Forces of Sekowo was the military of the Imperial Federation of Sekowo. The Imperial Armed Forces were comprised of three branches, the Air Force, Army and Navy. The Sekowan military was disbanded at the end of the Indralan-Sekowan War.

History Edit

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With the rise of Miyamoto Takimoto and the NPS much of these sections within the amendment which restricted the military growth of Sekowo was ignored or just entirely removed from it. The party continued to expand the military industry of the nation, much to the dismay of its neighbor nations. With the dissolution of the Gurē no shatsu-gun many members joined the ranks of the new Sekowon busō seiryoku or The Sekowon Armed Forces. With the new policies regarding compulsory military for all adults the recruitment rate skyrocketed.

Following the Indralan-Sekowan War Sekowo was forced to disband its armed forces.

As of 4580, the constitution of Sekowo has greatly changed, as has the political system of the nation. Sekowo has regained the sovereign right of war if the need should arise. Sekowo has rebuilt and modernized it's military. Sekowo since the Indralan-Sekowan War has intervened in foreign countries, such as the Intervention against genocide in Bianjie. Sekowo has also taken an active role in combatting Terrawide terrorism such as the Orderist in Western Majatra and the slave trade. Sekowo has also established the Sekowo Asylum Protection Agency (SAPA) which provides asylum and protection for political activists, foreign officials, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, and racial minorities being targeted for genocide or by tyrannical governments.

Sekowan Imperial NavyEdit

The Sekowan Imperial Navy (SIN) was a relatively large navy in comparison to the majority of the countries of Terra. The SIN was comprised of very old ships, most built between 2460 to 2475 and 2521 to 2531.

Sekowan Frigate

The Frigate Seinos anchored off the coast of Midway

The SIN was comprised of 1,980 vessels of which at least 800 were always in active service. While the SIN was comprised of many different ships of many different classes, Coastal Patrol Cruisers made up the largest class of ships with a total of one-thousand five-hundred vessels.

The Sekowan Imperial Navy was considered to be one of the two cornerstones of the the Imperial Armed Forces of Sekowo.

Marine Special ForcesEdit

The SIN Marine Special Forces were a small group of highly and specially trained Navy personnel.

They mainly performed amphibious assault missions, aquatic and coastal recon missions and in rare cases 'target neutralization' missions.

Naval Air WingEdit

The SIN Air Wing was comprised of a moderate sized group of aircraft ranging from carrier based fighters like the F/A-18 'Super Hornet' to Land to Sea transport helicopters.

The SIN Air Wing operated ten of the advanced XH-1 'Heimdall' Heavy Attack Helicopters, as well as twenty of the thirty F/A-18's.

Sekowan Imperial Air ForceEdit

Main article: Air Force of Sekowo

The Sekowan Imperial Air Force (SIAF) comprised the majority of the Aero Space vehicles in the Sekowan military. Like the SIN the SIAF was comprised of very old aerospace craft, the majority being built between 2498 and 2508.

Gripen (SEK)

A Gripen fighter jet on patrol near Tropica

The SIAF was comprised of 5,240 aircraft, of which half were in active service. The major composition of the IFAF were fighter jets and Helicopters and U/CAV's making up more than half of the overall SFAF fleet.

The Sekowan Imperial Air Force was considered to be one of the two cornerstones of the Imperial Armed Forces of Sekowo.

Air Force Space ForcesEdit

The SIAF was the parent branch of the Space Forces, sharing joint command and facilities.

The SIAF-SF made up ten percent of the SFAF aircraft, and roughly twenty-five percent of its budget.

Air Force Missile Shield CommandEdit

The SIAF, via the SIAF-SF was one of the four agencies that run the Sekowan Missile Defence Shield.

The ten Air-Borne Laser (ABL) YAL-1's operated by the SIAF made up half of it's Missile Defence Shield responsibilities, with the remaining half being orbital satellite systems.

Sekowan Imperial ArmyEdit

Main article: Army of Sekowo

The Sekowan Imperial Army (SIA) was the traditional Armed Forces of Sekowo, being responsible for ground forces and related resources. The SFA, unlike the Navy and Air Force was for a great deal of time relatively small, in terms of military equipment, yet paradoxically the largest in terms of members.

Sekowan Stryker

Two Stryker's unloading from a transport in Cho'kun

The SIA was comprised of 270,000 individuals spread throughout the Sekowo's various Army bases. While the Army in the past had been the most important military branch, in modern times it was the branch that received the least funding and overall attention. The Army was comprised of 216,500 vehicles of various types and categories.

Army Special ForcesEdit

The Army Special Forces division was a special division comprised of anywhere between one-thousand to three-thousand individuals specializing in various forms of warfare as diverse as Grenadiers to Snipers to industrial sabotage.

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