Miloš II the Mad

Czar and Autocrat of Deltaria

Milos II
Reign July 3549 - August 3563
Father Ľubomír II
Mother Juliana of Mede
Spouse Queen Anastasia I of Jagoda
Issue Vel'kovojvoda Iván
Titles and Styles
  • HIM the Imperátor of the Deltarian Empire
  • HIM the Czar and Autocrat of Deltaria
  • HIM the Tsar of Trigunia
  • HH the Domnitor of Kizenia
  • HH the Grand Duke of Deltaria Nova
Date of Birth August 21st, 3512
Date of Death August 21st, 3563
Imperial Dynasty Čestiborovská Dynastia

His Imperial Majesty Miloš II, by the grace of God, Czar and Autocrat of Deltaria was a Czar of the Deltarian Czardom. Miloš ascended to the throne in 3549, after his father Ľubomír II died during a hunting accident. Miloš's reign was marked by increased political instability, with the collapse of the traditional autocratic order that kept Deltaria united since the days of Ľubomír II. Towards the end of his reign, Miloš became increasingly erratic, leading many to believe he suffered from severe mental illness. In September 3560, Miloš proclaimed himself the incarnation of St. Parnum, demanding that his subjects worship him as such. The Czar was eventually assassinated in 3563 by a number of discontent nobles, and his elder brother Viktor Watembasyn, the bastard son of Ľubomír II, was placed on the throne.

Milos Saint

Icon of Miloš II commissioned during his life

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