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Minister-President of Trigunia
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Coat of Arms of the Minister-President of Trigunia
Formal Title Minister-President of Trigunia
Curent Leonid Nikolayevich Brantov (from 4343)

The Minister-President of Trigunia (Rod.: Министр-президент Трыгоня, tr. Ministr-prezidentis Trigunskya the head of government of Trigunia, and is the most powerful government officials in the State Duma.

In general, the Minister-President serves more of an administrative role, nominating members of the Cabinet and implementing domestic policy. In accordance with the federal constitutional law "On the Government of the Trigunian Federation" the Minister-President exercises the following duties:

  • determines the operating priorities of the Government and organizes its work in accordance with the Constitution, federal constitutional laws, federal laws.
  • nominates the deputy prime ministers, federal ministers and other officers.
  • submits to the President proposals on punishment and rewards of the Government members;
  • represents the Government as an institution in foreign relations and inside the country;
  • heads the sessions of the Government and its Presidium where he has the decisive vote;
  • signs the acts of the Government;
  • distributes duties among members of the Government;
  • systematically informs the President about the Government's activities;