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The Ministry of Education and Culture of Selucia (Selucian: Ministerium Educationis et Culturae ; MEC) is the Selucian Ministry responsible for Education, Culture, Science, Research, Gender equality and Communications. The Ministry is headed by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science.


The mission of the ministry is to "work for a smart, able and creative Selucia". The ministry is responsible for three fields of policy:

  • The whole of education, from child, via primary education and secondary education to vocational training and higher education;
  • Culture, arts and the public broadcasting;
  • Science and innovation.


The ministry is currently headed by one minister and one State Secretary. The ministry's main office is located in Auroria. The ministry has around 2500 civil servants. The civil service is headed by a secretary general and a deputy secretary general, who head a system of three directorates general:

  • Primary and Secondary Education;
  • Higher Education, Professional Training and Sciences;
  • and Culture and Media.

It has several autonomous agencies:

  • Central Financial Institution, which is responsible for the execution of financial policies:
  • Institute Collection Selucia;
  • National Archive;
  • Government Service for Archeology, Cultural Landscape and Monuments;
  • Education Inspection;
  • Cultural Conservation Inspection;
  • Council for Science and Technology; Policy;
  • Council for Education;
  • and the Council for Culture.

List of Ministers of Education[]

Portrait Name Took Office Left Office Party
Caesar Maximus.jpg Caesar Maximus February 4100 February 4109 In Marea Possumus Facere
Aristotheles Plinio.jpg Aristotheles Plinio February 4109 February 4115
Gaulo Livius Favina.jpg Gaulo Livius Favina March 4115 February 4119 Traditio et Honorem
Anaximenes Thyrian.jpg Anaximenes Thyrian February 4119 February 4127 In Marea Possumus Facere
Empty.png Cato Laurentinus March 4127 December 4136 Partis Nationalisti
Plutarco Khystan.jpg Plutarco Khystan December 4136 February 4159 In Marea Possumus Facere
Empty.png Vibianus Augustus February 4159 February 4163 Cogitari
Empty.png Manius Draco Saturninus December 4163 May 4168 Motus Patriciorum
Empty.png Cato Laurentinus May 4168 May 4180 Partis Nationalisti
Ateia Venator.jpg Ateia Venator July 4180 May 4196 In Marea Possumus Facere
Empty.png Cappadox Quiricus July 4196 May 4204 Liber Unitum (C.f.S)
Ateia Venator.jpg Ateia Venator July 4204 June 4216 In Marea Possumus Facere
Empty.png Kaeso Canius Comes July 4216 July 4219 Factio Democratica
Empty.png Remigius Deodatus July 4219 February 4243 Fraternitas-Populares Hosiani
Empty.png Iuliana Longina February 4243 February 4248 Partis Imperialis
Empty.png Antoninus Cassius February 4248 December 4255
Empty.png Manius Opelius Sabinus December 4255 April 4265 Factio Fortuna
Tuccia Aquilius.jpg Tuccia Aquilius April 4265 August 4290 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Empty.png Antoninus Cassius August 4290 April 4295 Partis Imperialis
Armenia Arborius.jpg Armenia Arborius April 4295 September 4300 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Empty.png Antoninus Cassius September 4300 May 4303 Partis Imperialis
Armenia Arborius.jpg Armenia Arborius May 4303 November 4305 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Empty.png Tarquinius P.S. Marcellus November 4305 May 4319 Factio Regimen Immutata
Athena Gavrus.jpg Athena Gavrus May 4319 October 4322 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Empty.png Valerianus B.L. Octavianus October 4322 September 4344 Pars Militum Petulantia
Caia Andronicus.jpg Caia Andronicus September 4344 March 4355 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Empty.png Antonius Celsius March 4355 December 4358 Partis Imperialis
Caia Andronicus.jpg Caia Andronicus December 4358 December 4364 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Empty.png Antonius Celsius December 4364 March 4371 Partis Imperialis
Caia Andronicus.jpg Caia Andronicus March 4371 May 4380 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
D. Nasennius Valens.jpg Decimus Nassenius Valens May 4380 May 4387 Factio Republicana
Dennis Lucretius Constans.jpg Dennis Lucretius Constans May 4387 September 4392
Fulcinia Trailus.jpg Fulcinia Trailus September 4392 April 4400 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Empty.png Manlius Laurentius April 4400 February 4403 Factio Imperialis
Empty.png Octavia Capito February 4403 May 4407 Factio Aurorianus
Stephanus Fabianus.jpg Stephanus Fabianus May 4407 December 4411 Factio Republicana
Fulcinia Trailus.jpg Fulcinia Trailus December 4411 November 4419 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Empty.png Manilia Larcius November 4419 April 4421 Populi Unionis Rerum Novarum
Fulcinia Trailus.jpg Fulcinia Trailus April 4421 February 4427 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Vesnia Draco.jpg Vesnia Draco February 4427 December 4445
Stephanus Fabianus.jpg Stephanus Fabianus December 4445 November 4453 Factio Republicana
Sextilia Balbina.jpg Sextilia Balbina November 4453 December 4461
Olympia Marcius.jpg Olympia Marcius December 4461 March 4470 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Sextilia Balbina.jpg Sextilia Balbina March 4470 March 4474 Factio Republicana
Empty.png Faustus Sextius Drusillus March 4474 September 4476 Optimates
Empty.png Nicolaus Sanquinius September 4476 October 4491 Factio Republicana
Serene Furfura.jpg Serene Furfura October 4491 February 4508 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Coiedia Neneus.jpg Coiedia Neneus February 4508 April 4511
Empty.png Cossus Licinius Auxilius April 4511 April 4520 Liberal Party
Coiedia Neneus.jpg Coiedia Neneus April 4520 March 4526 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Empty.png Theodora Helvidia Narcissa March 4526 March 4530 Republican Party
Arrunta Scadia.jpg Arrunta Scadia March 4530 May 4538 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Philippus Fufidius Otho.jpg Philippus Fufidius Otho May 4538 March 4554 Republican Party
Prometheus Cleareta.jpg Prometheus Cleareta March 4554 September 4557 In Marea-Civis Sinistram
Nemidia Caessia Thyria.jpg Nemidia Caessia Thyria September 4557 February 4576
Melotea Fungia.jpg Melotea Fungia February 4576
  • Women in office: 17
  • Men in office: 23