This page only shows ministers since the start of the Istalian Empire (4571)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Istalia, also known as the Foreign Ministry (Istalian: ), is a Government of Istalia's federal and executive Ministry which is responsible for maintaining external relations of Istalia, including Majatran cooperation and international development. The executive and political figure heading the Foreign Ministry is informally known as the . The post of Foreign Minister is considered one of the high-profile portfolios in the Cabinet of Istalia.

The Ministry is headquartered at the . The Ministry is led by the Foreign Minister, who is nominated by the Prime Minister of Istalia.


The Ministry is responsible for the foreign policy of Istalia. It has seven goals:

  • To promote security and stability, effective humanitarian assistance, and good governance.
  • To strengthen Majatran cooperation .
  • To increase wealth worldwide and fight poverty.
  • To promote human and social development.
  • To protect and improve the environment.
  • To promote the welfare and safety of Istalian nationals abroad and to regulate the movement of persons
  • To raise Istalia's cultural profile and help create a positive image within and beyond Istalia



The civil service consists out of the top level, the secretary general and his deputy and five directorates general, which manage several departements. The directorates general are led by Directors-General and are occupied with specific issues of foreign policy.

  • The Directorate-General for Majatran Cooperation concerns itself with the Majatran Continent. It is responsible for Selucian relations with Majatran nation. It also coordinates policy in regional organizations like the Organization of Majatran States (OMS).
  • The Directorate-General for Political Affairs is concerned with peace, security matters and human rights.
  • The Directorate-General for International Cooperation is responsible for international development, including economic development, education, health and environment. It implements Selucian development policy.
  • The Directorate-General for Regional Policy and Consular Affairs coordinates the diplomatic missions. It also shapes the migration and cultural policies of the ministry.


International OrganizationsEdit

Selucia has permanent representations at the following international organizations:

  • Alliance of Terran Republics
  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

List of Ministers of Foreign AffairsEdit

Minister Took Office Left Office Legislatures Party
1 Empty Jad Salameh October 4571 December 4575 Valenti National Alliance for the Empire
2 Empty Danish Farooq December 4575 April 4580 Saeed Istalian Nationalist Party
' Empty Jad Salameh April 4580 December 4584 Valenti II National Alliance for the Empire
3 Empty Junaid Waseem December 4584 July 4585 Tarso Istalian Nationalist Party
4 Empty Tiziano Balletti July 4585 June 4590 Tarso II

Tarso III

Socialists & Democrats
5 Empty Abdul Al Salam June 4590 November 4610 Tarso IV

Tarso V

Tarso VI

Tarso VII

Tarso VIII

6 Empty Benvenuto Zanti November 4610 June 4621 Mossadeq I

Mossadeq II

7 Stefano Terenzi Stefano Terenzi June 4621 June 4626 Tomassi I National Alliance for the Empire
8 Simonetta Giuliani Simonetta Giuliani June 4626 May 4629 Padovano I Left Bloc
9 Empty Beatrice Bulgarelli May 4629 December 4631 Perrelli I National Conservative Party
' Stefano Terenzi Stefano Terenzi December 4631 February 4647 Aloia I

Carraro I

Nasato I

National Alliance for the Empire
10 Amadeo Conetta Amadeo Conetta February 4647 May 4650 Dalema I Left Bloc
11 Empty Laura Verdarelli May 4650 May 4654 Bellandini I Socialists & Democrats
12 Empty Luca Camerlenghi May 4654 May 4658 Terenzi I National Alliance for the Empire
13 Empty Mohamed Sultan May 4658 February 4667 Bellandini II Socialists & Democrats
14 Empty Malik Wahabi February 4667 May 4670 Valentani I National Alliance for the Empire
15 Cora Crispino Cora Crispino May 4670 September 4680 Larocca I

Larocca II

Republican Front
(Left Bloc)
' September 4680 April 4685 Harari I Left Bloc
April 4685 Larocca III

Timeline from 4571Edit

Cora CrispinoMalik WahabiMohamed SultanLuca CamerlenghiLaura VerdarelliAmadeo ConettaStefano TerenziBeatrice BulgarelliSimonetta GiulianiStefano TerenziBenvenuto ZantiAbdul Al SalamTiziano BallettiJunaid WaseemJad SalamehDanish FarooqJad Salameh

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