The Ministry of Health and Social Services of Istalia  is the Istalian government department responsible for government policy on health and adult  social care matters in Istalia. It oversees the Istalian National Health Service (NHI).

The Department of Health develops policies and guidelines to improve the quality of care and to meet patient expectations.

List of Ministers of Health and Social ServicesEdit

Minister Took Office Left Office Legislatures Party
1 Empty Leandro Caterini October 4571 December 4575 Valenti National Alliance for the Empire
2 Empty Sameer Ayub December 4575 April 4580 Saeed Istalian Nationalist Party
3 Empty Faten Al Marzouqi April 4580 December 4584 Valenti II National Alliance for the Empire
4 Empty Mario Meloni December 4584 June 4594 Tarso

Tarso II

Tarso III

Tarso IV

Socialists & Democrats
5 Empty Tommaso Buscemi June 4594 March 4599 Tarso V Socialists & Democrats
6 Empty Igor LaSpina March 4599 June 4602 Tarso VI Workers' Republican Party
' Empty Tommaso Buscemi June 4602 January 4607 Tarso VII Socialists & Democrats
7 Maria Tirso Maria Tirso January 4607 June 4621 Tarso VIII

Mossadeq I

Mossadeq II

Left Bloc
8 Empty Donna Nutile June 4621 June 4626 Tomassi I Natural Law League
9 Empty Francesca Genovesi June 4626 May 4629 Padovano I Truth and Liberty
10 Empty Eros Curti May 4629 December 4631 Perrelli I Istalian National Party
' Empty Donna Nutile December 4631 July 4635 Aloia I Natural Law League
11 Empty Marco Tomassi July 4635 December 4642 Carraro I
12 Empty Imru El Barakeh December 4642 March 4647 Nasato I National Alliance for the Empire
13 Empty Dick Miller March 4647 December 4652 Dalema I Resurgent Front
14 Empty Augusto Notte December 4652 July 4654 Bellandini I Socialists & Democrats
15 Empty Tania Altobelli July 4654 July 4659 Terenzi I National Alliance for the Empire
16 Beatrice Borromei Beatrice Borromei July 4659 February 4667 Bellandini II Republican Front
(Left Bloc)
17 Empty Delia Fiscella February 4667 May 4670 Valentani I National Conservative Party
' Beatrice Borromei Beatrice Borromei May 4670 September 4680 Larocca I

Larocca II

Republican Front
(Left Bloc)
18 Empty Stefano Palerni September 4680 April 4685 Harari I Socialists & Democrats
19 Amelia Naro Amelia Naro April 4685 Larocca III Left Bloc
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