This page only shows ministers since the start of the Istalian Empire (4571)

The Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Istalia is the executive branch responsible for policing, national security, immigration matters, prisons and road traffic safety.

Functions Edit

In accordance with National Decree, to the Ministry of Internal Affairs will:

  1. The preparation and execution of government policy in relation to the general administration of public security.
  2. Promoting the conditions for the exercise of fundamental rights, especially in relation to freedom and personal safety, as established in the Istalian Constitution and the laws that implement them.
  3. The senior command and the direction and coordination of the Security Forces of the State.
  4. The companies and private security control.
  5. The exercise of the powers that, in policing, given the current legislation on aliens.
  6. The system of asylum, refuge and protection regime for displaced persons.
  7. The administration system and correctional institutions.
  8. The completion of the actions necessary for the development of electoral processes.
  9. The exercise of the powers conferred by law on civil protection.
  10. The general administration of the traffic police and road safety.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, as head of the department, is responsible of:

  1. The initiative, planning, management and supervision of all services of the ministry.
  2. The senior command of the Forces of State Security
  3. The duties assigned to it by other laws or rules.

List of Ministers of Internal AffairsEdit

Minister Took Office Left Office Legislatures Party
1 Empty Lucia Navelli October 4571 December 4575 Valenti National Alliance for the Empire
2 Empty Federico Salvini December 4575 April 4580 Saeed Istalian Nationalist Party
3 Empty Milena Quattrociocche April 4580 December 4584 Valenti II National Alliance for the Empire
4 Empty Franco Verdni December 4584 July 4585 Tarso Socialists & Democrats
5 Empty Damiano Valenti July 4585 March 4586 Tarso II National Alliance for the Empire
' Empty Franco Verdni March 4586 June 4594 Tarso III

Tarso IV

Socialists & Democrats
6 Empty Ajram Rafiqa June 4594 March 4599 Tarso V
7 Empty Ezio Caruso March 4599 June 4602 Tarso VI Workers' Republican Party
' Empty Ajram Rafiqa June 4602 November 4610 Tarso VII

Tarso VIII

Socialists & Democrats
8 Vittoria Sabini Vittoria Sabini November 4610 June 4621 Mossadeq I

Mossadeq II

Left Bloc
9 Empty Augusto Aloia June 4621 June 4626 Tomassi I National Conservative Party
10 Empty Paola Terenzi June 4626 May 4629 Padovano I Socialists & Democrats
11 Empty Arcadio Troiani May 4629 December 4631 Perrelli I Istalian National Party
12 Empty Icaro Barbaria December 4631 July 4635 Aloia I Natural Law League
13 Empty Callimaco Longo July 4635 October 4642 Carraro I
14 Empty October 4642 February 4647 Nasato I National Alliance for the Empire
15 Empty Baltazar Miller February 4647 May 4650 Dalema I Renacentist Front
16 Empty Claudio Mimmi May 4650 May 4654 Bellandini I Truth and Freedom
17 Empty Alessandro de Palma May 4654 May 4658 Terenzi I National Conservative Party
18 Nicoletta Zambini Nicoletta Zambini May 4658 February 4667 Bellandini II Republican Front
(Left Bloc)
19 Empty Shahd Furlan February 4667 May 4670 Valentani I National Conservative Party
20 Empty Nestore Parri May 4670 September 4680 Larocca I

Larocca II

Republican Front
(Resurgent Front)
21 Empty Ibrahim Nuram September 4680 Harari ILarocca III Socialists & Democrats
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