The Ministry of Justice is one of the ministries in the government of Istalia.

This Ministry has the following competences:

  • The preparation and execution of the politics of the government regarding criminal, civil, mercantile, and procedural law
  • The protection of the freedom of worship and the administration of the right of grace
  • The regulation of nobility titles
  • The tasks related to the organization and support of the Administration of Justice
  • The procurement of international juridical cooperation, as well as with the regions
  • The relations of the government with the Selucian Agency of data protection

List of Ministers of JusticeEdit

Minister Took Office Left Office Legislatures Party
1 Empty Bruno Martini October 4571 December 4575 Valenti National Alliance for the Empire
2 Empty Priamo Camerino December 4575 April 4580 Saeed Istalian Nationalist Party
3 Empty Zahir Al-Farsun April 4580 December 4584 Valenti II National Alliance for the Empire
' Empty Priamo Camerino December 4584 July 4585 Tarso I Istalian Nationalist Party
4 Empty Valeria Bonanni July 4585 March 4586 Tarso II National Alliance for the Empire
5 Empty Serena Gaggi March 4586 June 4954 Tarso III

Tarso IV

Socialists & Democrats
6 Empty Zahir Salefi June 4594 November 4610 Tarso V

Tarso VI

Tarso VII

Tarso VIII

7 Empty Salvatore Rella November 4610 January 4616 Mossadeq I
8 Empty Amico Scarpaci January 4616 July 4621 Mossadeq II Communist Party
9 Empty Eligio Nieddu June 4621 June 4626 Tomassi I National Conservative Party
10 Dante Spitale Dante Spitale June 4626 May 4629 Padovano I Left Bloc
11 Empty Icaro Barbaria May 4629 December 4631 Perrelli I Natural Law League
12 Empty Valeria Bonanni December 4631 December 4642 Aloia I

Carraro I

National Alliance for the Empire
13 Empty Settimio Vescovi December 4642 March 4647 Nasato I National Conservative Party
14 Empty Barbara Silvano March 4647 July 4654 Dalema I

Bellandini I

Truth and Freedom
15 Empty Sawda Samara July 4654 July 4659 Terenzi I National Conservative Party
16 Empty Celso Trucco July 4659 February 4667 Bellandini II Republican Front
(Resurgent Front)
17 Empty Stefania De Crescenzi February 4667 May 4670 Valentani I National Alliance for the Empire
18 Empty Enrica Lupi May 4670 September 4680 Larocca I

Larocca II

Socialists & Democrats
19 Piermarco Carabetta Piermarco Carabetta September 4680 March 4688 Harari I

Larocca III

Left Bloc
20 Empty Abdul Vadash March 4688 March 4693 Roncato National Alliance for the Empire
21 Giusto Zani Giusto Zani March 4693 November 4696 Gori Populist Movement
22 Empty Camilla Passante April 4697 January 4700 Carabetta Left Bloc
23 Empty Luce Perrella January 4700 July 4705 Carabetta II Res Publica
24 Empty Estella Belli July 4705 Carabetta III Populist Faction
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