Candace of the
United Governorates of Cobura
ResidenceTriad Palace (Sharba)
AppointerThe Government of Cobura
Term lengthvaries
Inaugural holderPrince Leo Egato
First holderLeo I of Cobura
SuccessionThe Crown Prince of the Esinsundu Empire
DeputyGeneral-Secretary of the Crown in Cobura
Salary1,200,000 COB anually
The Monarchy of the United Governorates of Cobura, commonly referred to as the Esinsundu Monarchy, is the constitutional monarchy of the Cobura, its dependencies and its overseas territories. The royal family is the House of Saksoure, which also serves as Emperor of the Esinsundu Empire.

The monarch and his or her immediate family undertake various official, ceremonial, diplomatic and representational duties. As the monarchy is constitutional, the monarch is limited to non-partisan functions such as bestowing honours and appointing the Prime Minister. The monarch is ceremonial commander-in-chief of the Coburan Armed Forces. Thus, the ultimate formal executive authority over the government of the United Kingdom is still by and through the monarch's royal prerogative, these powers may only be used according to laws enacted in the House and, in practice, within the constraints of convention and precedent.

Function Edit

The main function of the monarch is to protect and preserve the Constitution of Cobura. The monarch acts as the highest protector of this document and ensures it is respected by both the Coburan Cabinet as well as the House of Representatives. The role of monarch is mostly ceremonial, in the form of going on state visits and serving as the highest representative of Cobura. Daily tasks of the monarch are: appointing directors/military officers, cutting ribbons and singing bills passed by the House..


Title Edit

Politics & Government of Cobura

The Crown

Prime Minister


House of Representatives



The monarch of Cobura assumes the title Candace of Cobura and Prince of Manshōpi,, which was the result of the Royal Unification in 3857, where the Kingdom of Cobura was merged with the unofficial Principality of Manshopi. This event lead to the reunification of the Coburan mainland under the flag of the Saksoure Monarchy. Due to the Coburan monarchy being connected to the Esinsundu royal house, this title is automatically given to the Esinsundu Empire.

The official title of the Coburan monarch goes as follows:

The Imperial Majesty of the Peraa Gaxenxt sat Mumenhes [name], the perfect God living forever, Empress Esintsundu, Pharaoh of ḥꜥȝsu Mnhs, King of Talmoria and Aslistan, Candace of Cobura and Prince of Manshōpi, sacred of appearances as Nošep, Baši Mighty Falcon arising in Neuhaus, Divine Adorator of Mumenhes of Nekhatw, Prince of Ibutho, Prince du Sang de Rildanor, foremost of noble men, Great of Strength, all countries being prostrate beneath His feet forever .

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