Monarch of Deltaria
Deltarian Crown
Crown of Saint Štefan
Iván IV
Style His Imperial Majesty
First Monarch Štefan I
First Formation of Monarchy 991
Dynasty Čestiborovská Dynastia

The Czar and Autocrat of Deltaria (Daralian: Cisár a Samovládcu Deltárska) is the Monarch and Head of State of the Deltarian Empire and the Deltarian Czardom. Deltaria has a long tradition of monarchic and aristocratic rule, initiated in 991 with the crowning of Štefan I as Deltaria's first Czar. Since then, the nation has been ruled by a Czar for most of its history. In modern times, Deltaria was a Czardom between 2299 and 2996 (with interruptions), and Czarist rule was once again restored in 3466 after the Deltarian Czarist War. The current Czar and Autocrat of Deltaria is Szőke Norbert I of House Von Thaller.


The full titulary of the Czar during the Čestibor Dynasty was His Imperial Majesty, by the grace of God, Imperátor of the Deltarian Empire, Czar and Autocrat of Deltaria, Tsar of Trigunia, King of Jakania, King of Kafuristan, King of Jelbania, Domnitor of Kizenia, Protector of the Jelbic peoples, Grand Duke of Deltaria Nova, Emperor of Emperors, sovereign of sovereigns, extraordinary hussar who hath never been defeated, grandson and Viceroy of God, and brother of the Moon and the Sun, steadfast guardian of the Holy Lands, Patriarch of the Čestibor Dynasty, and so on, and so on, and so on, may He reign forever.

The Deltarian titulature is derived from that of the Augustan Empire via its Delified use under the Tokundian Empire, indirectly showing the Deltarian monarch's claim to the universal sovereignty inherent in the Augustan imperial title. During the Middle Ages conflict over the title and its implications of universal rule constituted one of the main causes behind the Augustan-Tokundian Wars, a conflict which was partially ended with the fall of the Augustan Empire in the Ahmadi-Augustan Wars.

  • Czar: The title of Czar (sometimes spelled Tsar, but only when referring to the monarch of Trigunia) is a native Delic name for a supreme monarch. Derived from the Selucian title Caesar via its Augustan form Cezaro, the title initially meant "Emperor", and was used as a direct translation of Kalopian βασιλεύς (basileus). Since the Kalopian language used that term both for contemporary Emperors and for Biblical kings, that ambiguity was continued into the Delic title of Czar. In time, Czar came to represent a monarch having something in between a royal and imperial rank. (OOC: In several European languages there are two words derived from Caesar that refer to a kind of monarch, one meaning Emperor and the other, taken from Russian, meaning Czar. I think that it would not make sense for Deltarians to have copied the name of their native monarch from Trigunians, so IG the Deltarian words for Czar are Cisár, Císař, Császár, Cāsere, and Kejser, although they mean Emperor and not Czar in Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Old English, and Danish respectively. Since that distinction does not exist in Romanian, Serbian, and Russian, where the name for "Emperor" is derived from Latin imperator, those languages still use the words typically meaning "Tsar").
  • Autocrat: The title of Autocrat, derived from Kalopian αὐτοκράτωρ (autokratōr) with the literal meaning of "self-ruler" or "one who rules by himself", is a title used for Deltarian monarchs, showing that their power is not restricted by superiors. In other words, it shows that the Monarch of Deltaria is independent from any foreign power. Most Deltarian languages use a calque of the Kalopian title rather than a direct adaptation of the word (Daralian: samovládcu, Alazindian: samovládce, Ushalandan: самодѫржец samodârjeț, Tokundian: самодржац samodržac. Rodshya: самодержец samoderzhets).
  • Io: Io is a particle of a title used by the Deltarian monarch preceding his name and the complete list of titles in all documents. Derived from Old Tokundian Іѡ or Іѡнъ ( or Iōnŭ), Io is an abbreviation of Kalopian name Ιωάννης (Iōannēs), in turn derived from the Yeudi name יוֹחָנָן (Yohanan), with the meaning "God has favoured". Thus the particle dos not imply that the bearer is named John, but it shows the divine origin of the Monarch's rule.
  • Imperátor: As the title of Czar, initially denoting imperial authority, came to lose its prestige, the Czar adopted an additional title, that of Imperátor, to show his imperial authority. In spite of this, Czar and Autocrat remains the primary title of the Deltarian monarch, with the title of Imperator generally used for the Czar as the ruler of the Deltarian Empire (meaning Deltaria proper plus its colonies, protectorates, and tributary states). When the Czar does not rule over the Deltarian Empire, his imperial status is shown in the title "Emperor of Emperors".
  • Tsar of Trigunia, King of Jakania, King of Kafuristan, King of Jelbania, Domnitor of Kizenia, Protector of the Jelbic Peoples, Grand Duke of Deltaria Nova: These titles show the Deltarian Czar's claims to the various territories that have been ruled or colonized by Deltaria in the past, or to which Deltaria considers itself the heir.

List of MonarchsEdit

Tokundian Empire, House of ŠtefanEdit

Main article: Tokundian Empire
Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Stefan I Štefan I9911013
Stefan II Štefan II10131079
Stefan III Štefan III10791154
Stefan IV Štefan IV11541230
Tokundi Emperor Coin Štefan V the Saint12301251
Stefan vi Štefan VI
first reign
Czar Vlastimir Vlastimir12621263
Stefan vi Štefan VI
second reign
Stefan vii Štefan VII12781310
Stefan viii Štefan VIII13101345
Stefan IX Štefan IX13451397

Great DeltariaEdit

Main article: Great Deltaria

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Mistislav i Mistislav I14051434
Dushan IDušan I14341466
Ivan IIván I14661503
Vit I Vít I15031536
St zsitomir Žitomir I the Saint15361597
Ivan ii Iván II15971634
Vladimir i Vladimír I16341683
Drahoslav i Drahoslav I16831717
Dushan ii Dušan II17171769
Mistislav ii Mistislav II17691801
Milosh i Miloš I18011849
Mikolash i Mikuláš I18491917
Ivan iii Iván III19171954

House of LineykovEdit

Picture Title Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Sebastian CzarSebastian I22992426
Female Camera Shy wbgdCzarinaKatarina I24262483

House of Lineykov-KarlsenEdit

Picture Title Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd CzarLubomír I25922610

House of AntonescuEdit

Picture Title Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd CzarDecebal I26292655

House of Cvetkov-KennedyEdit

Picture Title Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd
Summer Glau 2006
Czar & CzarinaMatyas I and Kamrena I26572671

House of KennedyEdit

Main article: House of Kennedy
Picture Title Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Phoenixg EmperorSteven P. Kennedy I26712679

House of LineykovEdit

Picture Title Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Tsar Ladislav I of Trigunia CzarLadislav I26792715
Male Camera Shy wbgd KnyazSvyatopolk Sava27152730

House of Lineykov (2781 Restoration)Edit

Picture Title Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd CzarAleksandr I27812802
Male Camera Shy wbgd CzarNicholas II28022813

House of KennedyEdit

Picture Title Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Count EmperorSteven P. Kennedy II28132814

House of LackovićEdit

Picture Title Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd AutocratLázár I29062916

House of Svatý-PoděbradEdit

Picture Title Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd CzarVáclav I 29732996

House of ČestiborEdit

Picture Title Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Dushan III Czar and AutocratDušan III34663508
Lubomir 2 Czar and AutocratĽubomír II35083548
Milos II Czar and AutocratMiloš II the Mad 35483563
Viktor I Czar and AutocratViktor I35633574
False milos Czar and AutocratFalse Miloš3568 3576
Male Camera Shy wbgd Czar and AutocratIván IV3576?

House Von Thaller Edit

Picture Title Name Monarch From
Czar and Autocrat Szőke Norbert I 4265
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