Monarchism is a political ideologies that advocates for a monarchy. Inside of Monarchism you can find different types of monarchies. A monarchy is defined by a monarch, a ruler, exercing power until death, abdication or, in the case of elective monarchies, until another monarch is elected.

Types of Monarchies[edit | edit source]

Even though each monarchy may be different from each other, it can be classified the following ways:

Dynasty/Hereditary Monarchy[edit | edit source]

A Dynasty, or Hereditary Monarchy, is the most common type of monarchy, in which the monarch is hereditary. Once the monarch dies or abdicates, another monarch, of the same dynasty/family, may be appointed. While the appointment of a new hereditary monarch is different in each monarchy, usually the oldest and trusting child of the previous monarch is appointed.

Absolute Monarchy/Absolutism[edit | edit source]

Absolutism is when the monarch exercises most, if not all, power over the population.

Monarchy of Klausism[edit | edit source]

Is a form of Klausism when the Kaiser exercices all power, over parliament, President and Ministers. Including the military power and power of judicative, legislative.

Composite Monarchy[edit | edit source]

A Composite Monarchy are different countries under a monarch. It can also be described as a "Federal Monarchy".

Constitutional Monarchy[edit | edit source]

A Constitutional Monarchy is characterised by having a monarch which is subjected to a Constitution that it may obey.

Emirate[edit | edit source]

Meaning "Kingdom", is a Monarchy-Dynasty, usually from Majatran nations and nations under Ahmadism.

Elective Monarchy[edit | edit source]

An Elective Monarchy is a monarchy which, in opposite to Hereditary Monarchy, the monarch is chosen democratically, either by the people or a minority (such as the nobility).

Representative Monarchy[edit | edit source]

A Representative Monarchy consists of a monarch which its function is to represent the nation and not to govern it. However, it is granted more privileges and may still have the highest rank at the Military.

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