Monarchs of Darnussia were the leaders of Darnussia and it's predecessors. First official monarch was King Darntus I, and the last monarch was Antoniette I, Empress of Narikaton and Queen of Darnussia.

Darnussian Monarchs have used several titles, most commonly King/Queen of Darnussia. Other titles that have been used are King/Queen of Narikaton, Emperor/Empress of Narikaton and Grand Duke/Duchess of Narikaton.

Legendary Narikatonite Kings Edit

Legendary Kings are kings from the Narikatonite Mythology with no real historical basis. At the time of Pax Narikaton, Narikus was the only one of the legendary kings who was acknowledged King of Narikaton, others only held the title in one region of the island. Later historians have reached a conclusion that none of the legendary kings actually existed with the exception of Jerl of the Östers.

Picture Name Era
Narikus Narikus 700 BCE - 500 BCE
Unknown Horus of the Nordes 400 - 300 BCE
Unknown Jerl of the Östers 200 CE

Kingdom of Darnussia Edit

The official line of kings begins with the foundation of the Kingdom of Darnussia. The title King was considered restricted to the sole leader of all Nariki-nations, and the first one to achieve complete rule was Darntus I.

Early Kings Edit

Early Kings are direct descendants of Darntus I, the founder of the Kingdom and the first King.

Picture Name Noble House Reign
Illus266 - Marcus Antonius Darntus I Darntuscoat 775-800
EmperorNero1 Darntus II Darntuscoat 800-823
DantoniteI Dantonite I Darntuscoat 823-851
DanteI Dante I Darntuscoat 851-891
Unknown Simon I Darntuscoat 891-896
Unknown Simon II Darntuscoat 896-901
Unknown Dantonite II Darntuscoat 901-907
Unknown Dantonite III Darntuscoat 907-910
Unknown Timon I Darntuscoat 910-923
Unknown Darntus III Darntuscoat 923-944
Unknown Menkon I Darntuscoat 944-951
Unknown Menkon II Darntuscoat 951-964
Unknown Dernaton I Darntuscoat 964-977
Unknown Eleonore I Rauxcoat 977-1002
Unknown Casper I Rauxcoat 1002-1009
Unknown Wynmer I Rauxcoat 1009-1016
Unknown Wynmer II Rauxcoat 1016-1022
Unknown Simon III Rauxcoat 1022-1038
Unknown Dernaton II Rauxcoat 1038-1046
Unknown Eleonore II Rauxcoat 1046-1063

Rebel Kings Edit

Rebel Kings were a series of kings who held the throne during The Wars of Succession where several noble houses competed for the right to rule after the first direct Darntus-line had died.

Picture Name Noble House Reign
Unknown Marcel I CoatOfArmsEhjnhelm 1063-1070
Unknown Marcus I CoatOfArmsEhjnhelm 1070-1071
Unknown Furius I CoatOfArmsEhjnhelm 1071-1080
Unknown Furius II CoatOfArmsEhjnhelm 1080-1083
Unknown Darntus IV Rauxcoat 1083-1101
Unknown Darntus V Rauxcoat 1101-1113
Unknown Bob I Rauxcoat 1113-1132
Unknown Ben-Aharon I House of Ben-Aharon 1132-1148
Unknown Herbert I House of Windwick 1148-1150
Unknown Furius III CoatOfArmsEhjnhelm 1150-1166
Unknown Simon IV CoatOfArmsEhjnhelm 1166-1178
Unknown Marcus II CoatOfArmsEhjnhelm 1178-1200
Unknown Simon Dante I CoatOfArmsEhjnhelm 1200-1214
Unknown Simon Dante II CoatOfArmsEhjnhelm 1214-1233

Kings of the Second Darntus Line Edit

Second Darntus Line was the return of the direct descendants of Darntus to the throne, though through marriage.

Picture Name Noble House Reign
Unknown Alizee I Insignia4 1233-1239
Unknown Dantonite Darntus I Insignia4 1239-1244
Unknown Dantonite Darntus II Insignia4 1244-1250
Unknown Dantonite Darntus III Insignia4 1250-1267
Unknown Dantonite Darntus IV Insignia4 1267-1280
Unknown Dantonite Darntus V Insignia4 1280-1311
Unknown Dantonite Darntus VI Insignia4 1311-1326
Unknown Dantonite IV Insignia4 1326-1330
Unknown Erikka I Insignia4 1330-1402
Unknown Darntus VI Insignia4 1402-1414
Unknown Anton I Insignia4 1414-1464
Unknown Anton Darntus I Insignia4 1464-1480
Unknown Menkon III Insignia4 1480-1493
Unknown Simon V Insignia4 1493-1508
Unknown Dante II Insignia4 1508-1529
Unknown Dante III Insignia4 1529-1536
Unknown Furius IV Insignia4 1536-1551
Unknown Casper II Insignia4 1551-1569
Unknown Erikka II Insignia4 1569-1611
Unknown Darntus VII Insignia4 1611-1625
Unknown Erik I Insignia4 1625-1640
Unknown Dante IV Insignia4 1640-1662
Unknown Dante V Darntus Insignia4 1662-1670
Unknown Darntus VIII Insignia4 1670-1689
Unknown Casper III Insignia4 1689-1706

Modern Kings Edit

Modern Kings were the kings who ruled after the Absolute Monarchy was abolished by Marcel II and the parliament was founded to share the power with the King.

Picture Name Noble House Reign
Unknown Marcel II DarnussiaRoyale 1706-1729
Unknown Marcus III DarnussiaRoyale 1729-1747
Unknown Leopold I DarnussiaRoyale 1747-1766
Unknown Catherine I DarnussiaRoyale 1766-1780
Unknown Marcus IV DarnussiaRoyale 1780-1803
Unknown Catherine II DarnussiaRoyale 1803-1859
Unknown Leopold II DarnussiaRoyale 1859-1872
Unknown Erik II DarnussiaRoyale 1872-1891
Unknown Richard I DarnussiaRoyale 1891-1911
Unknown Leopold III DarnussiaRoyale 1911-1928
Unknown Richard II DarnussiaRoyale 1928-1940
Unknown Cecil I DarnussiaRoyale 1940-1966

First & Second Narikatonite Empire Edit

After the declaration of independence of Narikaton in 2585, Second Darntus Line, under the title the First Imperial Line, returned to the throne, first as monarch of Imperia Narikaton, and then as monarch of Narikaton and Darnussia. Imperial Line did not use the titles King or Queen in Narikaton, but instead they were refered to as Emperor and Empress. The official title of the dual-monarchy of Narikaton and Darnussia was "Emperor of Narikaton and King of Darnussia".

Picture Name Noble House Reign
AntonRaux Anton I
(Anton II)
DarnussiaRoyale 2586-2597
AntonietteRaux1 Antoniette I DarnussiaRoyale 2598-2638

Third Narikatonite EmpireEdit

Main article: Narikatonite Empire
Picture Name Noble House Reign
AntonII Anton II
(Anton III)
DarnussiaRoyale 3125-3176
Alexanderi Alexander I DarnussiaRoyale 3176-3238
Male Camera Shy wbgd Alexander II DarnussiaRoyale 3238-3305
Male Camera Shy wbgd Alexander III DarnussiaRoyale 3305-3322

Imperial Commonwealth of Narikaton and DarnussiaEdit

Main article: Imperial Commonwealth of Narikaton and Darnussia
Picture Name Noble House Reign
DarntusIINarikaton Darntus II and IX DarnussiaRoyale 3322-3375 Darntus was the first Emperor of Narikaton to be proclaimed also as the King of Darnussia, creating the Imperial Commonwealth, which a the time was a state union of Narikatonite Empire and the newly-founded Kingdom of Darnussia under the dual-monarch Emperor and King.
Dante I and VI DarnussiaRoyale 3375-3408
Marcel1 Marcel I and III DarnussiaRoyale 3408-3455
Alexander4 Alexander IV and I DarnussiaRoyale 3455-3489
100px Erikka I and III DarnussiaRoyale 3489-3555
Male Camera Shy wbgd Darntus III and X DarnussiaRoyale 3555-3598
Male Camera Shy wbgd Willem DarnussiaRoyale 3598-3665 During his reign, Willem united the two thrones, becoming known only as King of the Imperial Commonwealth.
Male Camera Shy wbgd Alexander V DarnussiaRoyale 3665-3715
Male Camera Shy wbgd Cecil II DarnussiaRoyale 3715-3811 Cecil became the king when he was 2 years old, and held the position 96 years. After his death, the monarchy was abolished as was Cecil's will.

Königreich Groß-DarnussienEdit

Main article: Königreich Groß-Darnussien

After the rise of the Thaller Dynasty, monarchy was re-established on two separate occations.

Picture Name Noble House Reign
Marlon Thaller Marlon I 100px 4078-4083
Cedrik Thaller Cedric I 100px 4083-4083

Narikatonisches Reich & Koninkrijk DarnussienEdit

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Picture Name Noble House Reign
Male Camera Shy wbgd Murlor I 100px 4139 - 4174
Male Camera Shy wbgd Marlon II 100px 4174-4188 Marlon married the pretender of House of Darntus-Raux to soldify his claim on the throne.
Male Camera Shy wbgd Jens II 100px 4188-4209 Monarchy was abolished and Jens was forced into exile.

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