Emperor of Dundorf
Former Monarchy
Coat of arms of the Emperor of Dundorf
Kaiser Georg Wilhelm von Dundorfreich
Georg Wilhelm I
First monarch Friedrich Wilhelm II
Last monarch Georg Wilhelm I
Style His Imperial Majesty
Monarchy started 1 January 1736
Monarchy ended 8 March 1922
Current pretender(s) HOLDER

The Emperor of Dundorf (Dundorfian: Kasier der Dundorf) more commonly known as the Dundorfian Emperor (Dundorfian: Dundorfischer Kaiser) is the title of the reigning monarch in Dundorf. The title of "Kasier", which roughly translates to Emperor in Luthorian came about arounds the time of the Second Confederation era of Dundorfian history. The title has been used by the various Dundorfian royal houses since the inception of the monarchy and has been the focal point of the monarchist movement. The last successful Kaiser was Georg Wilhelm IV of Dundorf of the House of Hohenstauffen.

In the beginning of the monarchy in Dundorf the monarchs were selected by the elected assemblies of the nobles. Often, the nobles continued to select a King and Kaiser from the same family until that line either faced a backlash from its supporting nobles or the assemblies felt that no more acceptable monarchs were available from the family. It is interesting to note the political power and influence wielded by such powerful families lasted for centuries as can be seen by the sheer number of monarchs selected from the family.


Monarchs of DundorfEdit

Monarchist movementsEdit

In 3526 the Imperial Party (Dundorf) was founded as a coalition of all members of the Dundorfian royal families. It's first order of business was the reformation of an Imperial Electors Council which would compose all Electors of the Dundorfian nobility and be part of the process of electing a new Emperor.

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