Emperor of Luthori
Royal Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Franz Reichert
since 4628

Style: His Imperial Majesty
Heir apparent: Elective
First monarch: Harold I
Formation: 1250

The monarch of Luthori is the hereditary head of state of the Holy Luthori Empire. William Adlerberg I, of the House of Orange-Villayn, a cadet branch of the House of Rothingren-Traugott, has been the monarch since his restoration in 4312, having previously been Emperor from 4264 to 4277. The monarchy was abolished in 4573 but later revived currently in 4622 as an elective monarchy.

Utagian Dynasty Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Harold I Harold I 1250 1267
Harold II Harold II 1267 1300
Luthori Peter I Peter I 1300 1359
Harold III Harold III 1359 1387
Edmund I Edmund I 1387 1407

Agathionian Dynasty Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Paul I Paul I 1407 1443
Paul II Paul II 1443 1468
Maximilian I Maximilian I 1468 1505
Edward I Edward I 1505 1542
Luthori William I William I 1542 1548
Luthori Peter II Peter II 1548 1590
Paul III Paul III 1590 1608
Harold IV Harold IV 1608 1627
Edmund II Edmund II 1627 1659
Luthori Charles I Charles I 1659 1683
Luthori Charles II Charles II 1683 1707
Luthori George I George I 1707 1739
Maximilian II Maximilian II 1739 1769
George II George II 1769 1799
Andrew I Andrew I 1799 1819
Harold V Harold V 1819 1835

Constitutional Monarchy EstablishedEdit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Luthori Charles III Charles III 1835 1875
William II William II 1875 1913
Luthori Robert I Robert I 1913 1943
John I John I 1943 1972
Peter III Peter III 1972 1992
Andrew II Andrew II 1992 2035

After the death of Andrew II, the Imperial Council demanded that the government be handed over and that the nation be reorganized in order to keep the years of corruption and Imperial Court infighting from destorying the Dynasty and the nation as a whole. On top of that the peasant revolts of the early 2030s, caused from Andrew II heavy taxes on them to pay for his lavish life style, was making it hard for the Nobles to keep order and run their regions. The result was the total dismantle of the entire Imperial Government and the Emperor, including the entire Imperial Dynasty, being removed from all power and symbolism with nothing more than land a title being kept. The result was that for a time the Emperor's were not part of the Luthori Government.

Luthori CommonwealthEdit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Arnold I Arnold I 2035 2066
Arnold II Arnold II 2066 2085
Harold VI Harold VI
Before Empire's Restoration
2085 2111

After several years the Commonwealth was fully reorganized back into the Empire under the Emperor and the Imperial Government once again. This would happen in the middle of Harold VI life and would thus cause him to techincally rule for only 17 years, but really he ruled from 2085. His Father and Grand Father while not acutrally ruling the nation, were able to stablize the Imperial Court since they had none of the duties of runing the Empire.

Empire Fully RestoredEdit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Harold VI Harold VI
After Empire's Restoration
2111 2128
Anne I Anne I 2128 2143

Empress Anne I married the wealthy noble John Plantagenent, which caused the name of the Imperial House to change to that of her husbands, who was a member of the Agathionian Dynasty himself, when their son, Richard, took the throne he decided to take his father's last name. While many scholars have debated that the true name of the House should have been "Plantagenent-Agathionian Dynasty", many of the historic records and documents have only had the name of Plantagenent Dynasty on them, which has seemed to stick for that time period ever since.

Plantagenet Dynasty Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Richard the Lionheart Richard I 2143 2442

Emperor Richard I had a very complex and very influential reign. He was monarch for 300 years of the Holy Luthori Empire by the law, however was only in Luthori from 2143-2163, at which point he left to go fight in a noble crusade. Because of the laws at the time, which would be changed when the next Emperor took the throne, the Emperor had to announce his heir, otherwise, he was still Emperor and his decedents would rule as Prince/Princess Regent. Richard however never returned from the Crusades, and due to the fact that he never officially announced his only child, Princess Mary-Elizabeth as his heir, her descendents would have to rule as Regents, which would be from 2163-2442. They alose were not numbered or corinated since the "Regents" themselves were not the monarch of the nation.

Picture Name Regent From Regent Until
Female Camera Shy wbgd Princess Mary-Elizabeth' 2163 2201
Male Camera Shy wbgd Prince Alexander 2201 2245
Male Camera Shy wbgd Prince Stephen 2245 2302
Male Camera Shy wbgd Prince Harold 2302 2345
Male Camera Shy wbgd Prince Peter 2345 2360
Male Camera Shy wbgd Prince Richard 2360 2415
Male Camera Shy wbgd Prince Rufus 2415 2431
Female Camera Shy wbgd Princess Elizabeth
Before Edward II took the position in 2442
2431 2442

In 2442, due to Edward's marriage to the Princess Regent Elizabeth in 2433, he claimed that he should be on the throne since he had been Viceroy for several years on top of that. Furthermore, he was more qualified than his wife was. The Holy Imperial Diet voted, and in the Act of Succession of 2442, declared Edward, Emperor Edward II of the Holy Luthori Empire. They also changed the law on how the heir had to be announced by the previous ruler, and made it that the oldest son would take the throne, and if no son, then the oldest child of the Emperor. This would prevent another problem such as Richards 300 year rule as Emperor from happening again.

Yodukan Dynasty Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Edward II Edward II 2442 2501

Following the death of Edward II, who had no male heirs, the crown would fall have gone to the husband of his eldest daughter, if not his eldest daughter herself, Sophia, however the Imperial Viceroy William III of Orange, claimed the throne, through the bloodline of Paul I of the Agathionian Dynasty, who had been the son of Peter I, Duke of Orange. Due so, started the Orange Dynasty, along with the establishment of the Princedom of Orange, and would put the claimers of Edward II's line, the Imperial family of Hulstria, as contesters to the throne. This issue over who had rights to the throne would be argued between the two families, until the crowning of Emperor Henry I.

Orange Dynasty Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
William III, Prince of Orange William III 2501 2566
EmpressMary1 Mary I 2566 2610

Following the death of Empress Mary, Queen of Luthori, the throne passed to her son, Philip I. However, due to the fact that Mary was married to the Emperor of Alduria, Philip II, Philip also took the throne of Alduria. Thus the House of Villayn (Stuart-Villayn), which was the Imperial House of Alduria, took control of both thrones, and held them in Personal Union. Thus Philip was crowned, Emperor Philip I of Luthor & III of Alduria.

Orange Dynasty, House of Stuart-Villayn Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Philip I and III Philip I 2610 2638
Josephine Josephine I 2638 2655

Following the death of Empress Josephine I, her son Henry would succeed the throne of Luthori and became the pretender of Alduria, which he would later claim back just a year or two later. The result was that the claims to the throne of Luthori were at last united, thanks to the fact that Josephine's husband was Rudolph V of Hulstria. With this the, Dynasty of Rothingren-Traugott, Orange-Villayn Branch, came the ruling name of the throne of Luthori.

Rothingren-Traugott Dynasty, Orange-Villayn Branch Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Henry I Navy Henry I 2655 2715
LuthoriGustavus Gustavus I 2715 2727
JasonIPortrait Jason I 2727 2757
MaximilianIofLuthori Maximilian III 2757 2782
Edward III Edward III 2782 2826
WilliamIVLuthori William IV 2826 2870
Henry II2 Henry II 2870 2902
George III George III 2902 2961
GustavusIIPainting Gustavus II 2961 2985
Maximilian IV Maximilian IV 2985 3000
Reinhard I Reinhard I 3000 3093
Siegmund I Siegmund I 3093 3139
Philip II Phillip II 3139 3185
Male Camera Shy wbgd Siegmund II 3185 3241
Male Camera Shy wbgd William V 3241 3325
Male Camera Shy wbgd William VI 3325 3344
Male Camera Shy wbgd Philip III 3344 3392
Male Camera Shy wbgd Gustavus III 3392 3435
Male Camera Shy wbgd Maximilian V 3435 3456
Male Camera Shy wbgd Henry III 3456 3504
Male Camera Shy wbgd Philip IV 3504 3533
Male Camera Shy wbgd Henry IV 3589 3600
Male Camera Shy wbgd Philip V 3600 3659

Steuart-Geharon Dynasty, Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd Charles IX 3845 3854
CharlesSteuartGeharon Charles X 3854 3881

Charles X was seen as a rebel emperor and not as a legitimate house. After a referendum in 3881 he was removed from the throne and the parliament could agree on that the last branch of the Orange-Villayns should be restored. This branch was the House of Adlerberg, which had been Dukes of Adlerberg for over a thousand years.

Adlerberg Dynasty, Orange-Villayn Branch Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Prince randolph Randolph I 3881 3919
Gustavus IV Gustavus IV 3919 3973
Anthony I Anthony I 3977 ????

Elective Monarchy Edit

Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd Pope Brandon I 4622 4623
Imperator Franz Reichert Franz Reichert 4623 4624
Male Camera Shy wbgd Robert Redmond 4624 4628
Imperator Franz Reichert Franz Reichert 4628 4632
Female Camera Shy wbgd Kim Ferns 4632 4638
Male Camera Shy wbgd Pope John I 4638 4644
Pope Brandon II Pope Brandon II 4644 4649
Female Camera Shy wbgd Kim Ferns 4649 4651
Male Camera Shy wbgd Ronald Smith 4651 4653
Male Camera Shy wbgd Pope William I 4653 4666
Male Camera Shy wbgd Franklin Warren 4653 4670
Female Camera Shy wbgd Kimmi Hall 4670 4674
Male Camera Shy wbgd Pope William I 4674 4677
Male Camera Shy wbgd Casval Reichert 4677 4680
Hopkins Philip Hopkins 4680 4687
Male Camera Shy wbgd Zack Pierson 4687 4691
Male Camera Shy wbgd Anthony Hopkins 4691 4695

Ever since 4573 Luthori had been a Republic until Franz Reichert and his Imperial Citizens Party changed it to the Holy Luthorian Empire again, with the help of other monarchist parties in April 4622. During the voting session of the Imperial Restoration submitted by Franz Reichert, the great monarchist debate occurred resulting in a divide between the monarchist parties, the Imperial Restoration Reichert proposed was an temporarily elective monarchy. Many wanted a full restoration but at the time no one knew who had the biggest claim on the throne and many didn't want a Dynasty that haven't ruled Luthori for quite a while. Because of these factors the monarchist parties agreed to temporarily restore the Empire as an Elective Monarchy with an Imperator at the head of it. After the Empire had been restored many pro-empire and monarchist supporters gave Franz Reichert the unofficial title of 'Restorator of the Empire'. The first Imperator was elected in October 4622.

Full TitularyEdit

His Imperial and Most Excellent Majesty, Henry III, Defender of the Faith, by the Grace of God, Holy Luthori Emperor of All Terra, Maharaja of Namviet, King of Geharon, Yodukan, Utagia, Yishelem, and New Alduria, Sovereign of Orange, Duke of Sandulka, Liore, and Agathion, Marquess of Randamar, Oalapo, and Laloquon, Prince of Clamfwydd

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