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More Artania
Kimmi Hall
More Artania, Luthori needs it.
4666 (originally), 4667 (rebranding)
Youth wing
Young Artania
Student wing
Students of Artania

Artanian federalism, Internationalism, Pro-immigration,

Single-issue politics
Political position
International affiliation
Imperial Diet
113 / 500
Duchies Diet Seats
0 / 500
Cabinet Positions
0 / 13
Politics of Luthori
Political parties

More Artania was a centrist political party in Luthori. It was formed in 4667 after the dissolution of Change Luthori, which was a movement seeking to change Luthori into a more moderate country. Political commentators have said that the MA and the CL are the same party and that it have just rebranded itself.

More Artania drives internationalist and artanianistic politics with a heavy emphasis on open immigration. They wish for more integrated federalism between all the artanian nations.

The party was short-lived and dissolved in 4677.

History[edit | edit source]

Ideology[edit | edit source]

The More Artania party manifesto described by themselves is as following:

More Artania

is a pro-Artanian and Artanian federalist
  party dedicated to promoting cooperation
  with our Artanian brothers and sisters
  through membership of the Artanian
  Union. We are an internationalist voice
  in politics and reject the isolationist
  policies expressed by the parties

of today.

Leadership[edit | edit source]

Leader Portrait From To
Kimmi Hall 4666 Present
Deputy Leader Portrait From To
James Folderley 4666 Present

Electoral Results[edit | edit source]

Imperial Diet of the Holy Luthorian Empire of Luthori
Number of votes
% votes
Change Luthori
4666 46,459 0.07
0 / 500
New Outside of Parliament 8th
More Artania
4671 14,052,014 22.31 Increase 22.24 %
113 / 500
Increase113 Reichert 1st
4674 10,543,090 16.10 Decrease 6.21 %
25 / 150
Decrease 88 In opposition 2nd
Imperatorial Elections
Year Candidate 1st round 2nd round Result
Votes % +/- Votes %
Change Luthori
4666 Carol Morris 34,663 0.05 New Lost
More Artania
4670 Kimmi Hall 17,851,418 27.80 Increase 27.75 % 30,156,610 53.56 Won
Regional Elections
Date Duchy diets seats +/- Duchy governments Dukes/Duchess
70 / 500
Increase 70
2 / 5
0 / 5
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